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Danger On Deception Island Nancy Drew Computer Game (#9)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Danger on Deception Island
Danger on Deception Island
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Nancy Drew Danger on Deception Island Official Strategy GuideOfficial Strategy Guide:
Danger on Deception Island
  • Investigate mysterious events on Deception Island and in surrounding sea caves and waters
  • Play as teenage super-sleuth Nancy Drew in this interactive mystery-adventure game
  • Up-close interaction with one of the sea's most mysterious creatures, the orca whale
  • New puzzles tie directly to storyline and give important clues; 20+ hours of game play
  • Two difficulty settings, Junior and Senior; fun for experienced and new detectives

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Coni - 11:12am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#257 of 12607)

u should try 2 sovle the snake puzzle. i'm sorta confused. is it the door 2 get out of the light house by the bell? if u can't get back that way, i guess once u finish the snake puzzle, u can use the tunnel 2 get back.

elley - 11:15am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#258 of 12607)

Okay but i have no idea how to do the puzzle? do u? or anyone else?

Coni - 11:16am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#259 of 12607)

move da 2 middle pieces up and the 2 side pieces down

Coni - 11:17am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#260 of 12607)

or maybe u should go to and search on nancy drew danger on deception walkthrough

elley - 11:18am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#261 of 12607)

no its a different has a long snake with like 4 or 5 different pictures on it so if u click on one then there are 2 circles with little pictures all around it and when u push the middle it points to a different u know what one i mean> ?

elley - 11:19am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#262 of 12607)

alrighty thanx!

Coni - 11:21am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#263 of 12607)

u clik the star then rotate the left circle to the W symbol and rotate the right circle to the cross symbol

BrainRain - 11:24am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#264 of 12607)

I need help with the snake puzzle in the sea caves, how do i do it

elley - 11:25am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#265 of 12607)

thanks bunches!!

BrainRain - 11:31am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#266 of 12607)


BrainRain - 11:42am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#267 of 12607)


BrainRain - 11:47am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#268 of 12607)

HeLp, hElP!!!

jessehelp - 11:51am Nov 2, 2003 PST(#269 of 12607)

someone help the puzzel in the tunnel i need help with that it the one with the dragon mouth and the little pitures anf the dragon mouth spins. someone please help

BrainRain - 12:03pm Nov 2, 2003 PST(#270 of 12607)

Can anyone help me with the sea caves 'caddy' puzzle?

Chicago13 - 12:04pm Nov 2, 2003 PST(#271 of 12607)
"Nice guys may finish last... but mean guys can kiss my..."

Help please!!! I need help with the Caddy puzzle thingy!!! The Hardy boys said something about looking at the back of it. What did that mean?

Also... I can't find n e more clams! I only have 8 or 9... & there's no more at the beach or light house! Help please!!!

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