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Mystery Conventions and Events
Post a message about mystery conventions. Meet up with others, discuss past events, upcoming ones, and fun stories.

Be sure to check out the Mystery Events section of for detailed event information. NOTE: To discuss mystery party/dinner games, please go to:
Mystery dinner/party games

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lena kovid - 03:19pm Sep 15, 1997 PST(#1 of 86)

I'd like to be made aware of conferences in the Pacific Northwest

Please leave a message for Lena Kovid here.

anne demarco - 11:18am Sep 22, 1997 PST(#2 of 86)

Pleae let me know of any meetings in NJ --Iam at the bottom of the state --thanks ever so much anne

jill zimmerman - 05:59pm Oct 4, 1997 PST(#3 of 86)

I am interested in finding out about local (VA, MD, DC, NJ) murder mystery weekends. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would appreciate the input.

Alex Dent - 03:55pm Jan 16, 1998 PST(#4 of 86)

I've been thinking about this for a while. It seems to me that a lot of people visit the mysterynet site and The Case so why not organise a mysterynet convention.

OK, you're probably all thinking - bad idea but just wait a second. The Case seems to have a lot of contact in the trade (as it were) so we stand a reasonable chance of getting speakers and I'd love to see some of the people I've been talking to IRL (in real life).

So how about it guys? (That is mysterious guys that run these places.) What are the odds on Mysterynet Con '99?


Betty Derr - 01:14pm Jan 17, 1998 PST(#5 of 86)

any information about mystery convention in Washington D.C. in April?

Dina Hagler - 08:21pm Jan 17, 1998 PST(#6 of 86)

Check out the Malice Domestic site. I don't remember to address now, but if you look in the area called Getting Published, Christina gave me information on a writing contest. The address she gave me happened to be on the Malice site, and I browsed through it and found info on who was going to be there, how to make reservations, etc.

The Watcher - 01:45pm Jan 19, 1998 PST(#7 of 86)

Some representatives were at the last Bouchercon in Monterey, and we'll continue to participate in conventions when possible. Whether we'll start our own convention, only time will tell-- we won't rule it out.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!
The Watcher
(on behalf of,, and Newfront)

veronique brito - 08:25am Jan 28, 1998 PST(#8 of 86)

hi, does anyone have any information about a mystery convention or weekend in the orlando,fl or central fl area. thanks

Andi Shechter - 07:31pm Mar 2, 1998 PST(#9 of 86)

I'm brand new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andi Shechter, Seattle fan and occasional convention organizer. I write "Conventional Wisdom"for MURDEROUS INTENT magazine and have experience in genre convention work going back 20 years.I'm currently writing a guide to running mystery conventions which is always available in DRAFT form. Long time reader, long time member of Sisters in Crime.

Derek Johnson - 01:52pm Mar 5, 1998 PST(#10 of 86)

Does anybody have any information regarding mystery conventions in the Austin area?

Andi Shechter - 07:41pm Mar 9, 1998 PST(#11 of 86)

Thanks to Barbara for the welcome_and_for knowing my column! And yes, emailing me w/news of events would be most appreciated. Keep in mind, I tend to list "conventions" over "conferences. By this, I mean events aimed at the entire mystery community (fans, readers, wrtiers, booksellers), rather than events that are primarily writer's events or "how to" workshops. I will say that for those of you asking about cons in specific places - keep in mind that there are less than a dozen mystery conventions a year.There are a few that stay put - Malice in DC, Magna in Muncie, Cluefest in Texas and Sleuthfest (primarily a writer's conference) in Ft. Lauderdale.

Andi Shechter - 10:11pm Mar 13, 1998 PST(#12 of 86)

BP's writer's conference has garnered raves since it began. It _is_ however, an event for would be writers, not a fannish convention. The bookstore, by the way is the only one I know of that offers royalties for _used_ book sales.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Other Mystery Topics  / Mystery Conventions and Organizations  / Mystery Conventions and Events

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