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(5) Checking for new messages

If you have registered, the conference automatically keeps track of messages as you view them. When you see a discussion in a folder, the listing includes how many messages are in the discussion, and how many are new messages. This means that you can browse through a conference and check for new messages as you go.

Note: once you've pulled down a list of messages, all of the messages in that list are marked as having been viewed, even though you may not have read them all. The conference server only knows what it has sent you, not what you've actually read.

There is a much better way to check for new messages, through your "Subscription List". After you subscribe to a discussion or folder, you can later check your subscription list at any time. You'll then be shown the first new message, discussion, or folder that has been added since you last checked.

As you view new items, you can post messages, create new discussions, and browse other items. When you're ready to find the next new item, you just click on "Check Messages" again.

If you have already registered, go ahead and click on the "Subscribe" button in the toolbar below (you may need to scroll down to see the toolbar). Then click on the "OK" button in the confirmation page.

You have just subscribed to this folder, and all the sub-folders and discussions in it. (This folder only has one discussion, for illustration purposes, but in real life there will be many.)

Now click on the "Check Messages" button in the toolbar to check for anything "new".

 [D] Sample discussion for testing your subscription list (1 message)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / How to Use  / (5) Checking for new messages

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