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List of Christie Titles

Missy Sweesy - 05:03pm Mar 30, 2003 PST
Life has a way of finding you, no matter how artistic a sneak you are.---Keeper proverb---Thief: The Dark Project.

Here is a complete list of Christie Books arranged by detective featured, year of publication, and any other important information. Some titles have alternate names.

If I've left any out, please email me at with the Subject: Christie titles and I'll get it added. Please do not make any discussions under this folder as we have many discussions on the individual titles. Thank you.

Hercule Poirot

The Mysterious Affair at Styles(1920)

Murder on the Links(1923)

Poirot Investigates(1924)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd(1926)

The Big Four(1927)

The Mystery of the Blue Train(1928)

Peril at End House(1932)

Thirteen at Dinner(1933)

Murder on the Orient Express(1934)

Murder in Three Acts(1935)

Death in the Air(1935)

The ABC Murders(1935)

Murder in Mesopotamia(1936)

Cards on the Table(1936)--with Ariadne Oliver

Poirot Loses a Client(1937)--also Dumb Witness;Murder at Littlegreen House;Mystery at Littlegreen House

Death on the Nile(1937)

Dead Man's Mirror(1937)--also Murder in the Mews

Appointment with Death(1938)

Murder for Christmas(1938)--also A Holiday for Murder;Hercule Poirot's Christmas

The Regatta Mystery(1939)--some Poirot

Sad Cypress(1940)

The Patriotic Murders(1940)--also An Overdose of Death;One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Evil Under the Sun(1941)

Murder in Retrospect(1943)--also Five Little Pigs

Murder After Hours(1946)--also The Hollow

The Labours of Hercules(1947)

There is a Tide(1948)-also Taken at the Flood

Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories(1948)--one Poirot

The Mousetrap and Other Stories(1950)--three Poirot

The Underdog and Other Stories(1951)

Mrs. McGinty's Dead(1952)--with Ariadne Oliver

Funerals are Fatal(1953)--also After the Funeral

Hickory, Dickory, Death(1955)--also Hickory, Dickory, Dock

Dead Man's Folly(1956)--with Ariadne Oliver

Cat Among the Pigeons(1959)

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding(1960)--5 Poirots

Double Sin and Other Stories(1961)--4 Poirots

The Clocks(1963)

Third Girl(1966)--with Ariadne Oliver

Hallowe'en Party(1969)--with Ariadne Oliver

Elephants Can Remember(1972)--with Ariadne Oliver

Poirot's Early Cases (1974)


Miss Marple

Murder At the Vicarage(1930)

The Tuesday Club Murders(1932)

The Regatta Mystery(1939)--some Marple

The Body in the Library(1942)

The Moving Finger(1942)

The Mousetrap and Other Stories(1950)--4 Marples

A Murder is Announced(1950)

Murder with Mirrors(1952)--They Do It With Mirrors

A Pocket Full of Rye(1953)

What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw!(1957)--also 4:50 from Paddington;Murder She Said

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding(1960)--6 Marples

Double Sin and Other Stories(1961)--2 Marples

The Mirror Crack'd(1962)--also The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side

A Caribbean Mystery(1964)

At Bertram's Hotel(1965)


Sleeping Murder(1976)

Ariadne Oliver

Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective(1934)

Cards on the Table(1936)--with Poirot

Mrs. McGinty's Dead(1952)--with Poirot--also Blood Will Tell

Dead Man's Folly(1956)--with Poirot

The Pale Horse(1961)

Third Girl(1966)--with Poirot

Hallowe'en Party(1969)--with Poirot

Elephants Can Remember(1972)--with Poirot

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford

The Secret Adversary(1922)

Partners in Crime(1929)

N or M?(1941)

By the Pricking of My Thumbs(1968)

Postern of Fate(1974)

Superintendent Battle

The Secret of Chimneys(1925)

Towards Zero(1944)--also Come and Be Hanged

Lady Eileen "Bundle" Brent

The Seven Dials Mystery(1929)-listed by A.C. as a sequel to The Secret of Chimneys



As Agatha Christie Mallowan

Come Tell Me How You Live(1977)

Star over Bethlehem(1965)

As Mary Westmacott

Absent in the Spring(1971)

The Burden(1973)

A Daughter's a Daughter(1972)

Giant's Bread(1973)

The Rose & the Yew Tree(1971)

Unfinished Portrait(1972)

Short Stories

The Golden Ball and Other Stories(1971)

The Hound of Death(1933)

The Listerdale Mystery(1934)

Murder in the Mews(1937)

The Mysterious Mr. Quin(1930)

Surprise! Surprise!(1965)

13 Clues for Miss Marple(1966)

13 for Luck(1961)


The Man in the Brown Suit(1924)

Murder at Hazelmoor(1931)--also The Sittaford Mystery

The Boomarang Clue(1934)--also Why Didn''t They Ask Evans?

Black Coffee(1934)

Ten Little Indians(1939)--also And Then There Were None;Ten Little Niggers

Death Comes as the End(1945)

Destination Unknown(1954)--also So Many Steps to Death

Easy to Kill(1939)--also Murder is Easy

Endless Night(1967)

Crooked House(1949)

Ordeal by Innocence(1958)

They Came to Baghdad(1951)

Spider's Web(1954)

The Unexpected Guest(1958)


The Pale Horse(1961)

Rule of Three(1962)

Passenger to Frankfurt(1970)


Spider's Web(1954)

Love from a Stranger(1936)

The Detection Club

The Scoop

Behind the Screen

The Floating Admiral

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Agatha Christie  / Books & Plays  / List of Christie Titles

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