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Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery
Discuss the Get-a-Clue daily mystery.

So people know which Get-a-Clue you are discussing, please include the title and date of the puzzle you are referring to. Have fun!

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Fran Hinkel - 03:22am Jul 17, 2003 PST(#155 of 515)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Dead Eye Dora: I had a feeling about the neighbor and the cop being the same. Good story!

carmen rodruiguez - 10:27am Jul 19, 2003 PST(#156 of 515)

that was a very short mystery

Fran Hinkel - 05:55am Jul 21, 2003 PST(#157 of 515)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Why does Terrorist Paint Job bring Wile E Coyote to mind? LOL!

Susie Brookridge - 02:24pm Jul 21, 2003 PST(#158 of 515)

read the story about the father who was shot. Did anyone else feel that the story was kinda easy this time?

Toni Ward - 07:06pm Jul 21, 2003 PST(#159 of 515)


Sophia Moran - 01:47am Jul 22, 2003 PST(#160 of 515)

Three Suspects is pretty bad. The weapon could have been a club or bat or anything that could be used to strike a person with so son 2 could have been telling the truth about being stuck in traffic. Son 1 could have been lying about being asleep which would mean that he was the only one with an opportunity to hit his dad with the weapon. Son 3 is the only one it couldn't have been at all because there was no mention of a wet patch around the body and he was wet from jogging in the rain.

Fran Hinkel - 05:49am Jul 29, 2003 PST(#161 of 515)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Just Say Murder - once the clues were in the solution was pretty obvious. I wonder what Cathy had against her husband?!

who cares - 02:57pm Aug 2, 2003 PST(#162 of 515)

very easy mystery

Fran Hinkel - 03:34am Aug 5, 2003 PST(#163 of 515)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Homicidal Visitors - very cute! I must not have had my thinking cap on. I didn't get it until the final clue!

Kristen Binkley - 01:24pm Aug 5, 2003 PST(#164 of 515)

The guy was at Janes house and when he left the house he left his cell phone. Anges called her husbands cell phone to probely to see where he was.When Anges called Jane answered and Anges was probely wondering why Jane answered instead of her husband.Anges must have gotten mad and went over there to see why Jane was answering her husbands phone.She probely killed Jane or went after her husband but we all know who probely killed her or him that day.Ange cause of the broken heart he left her and her own friend that hurt her.

Fran Hinkel - 06:01am Aug 7, 2003 PST(#165 of 515)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

The Last Dinner - you would think the victim would have a different lawyer!

Janie Presenta - 02:20pm Aug 9, 2003 PST(#166 of 515)

Brad Luck: that was surprising. I missed the part about the pewter colored dog because i have a thing against dogs for some reasons. Silly, isn't it?

Homer Thompson - 02:31pm Aug 10, 2003 PST(#167 of 515)
I think he's talking to you...

Sir Suicide: It could actually be suicide: he realised he was too short for hanging from wherever he was hanging from. So, he stepped on his brandy glass. After having the rope around him, he kicked the glass away.

It's an idea...

Kayla Trotter - 02:34pm Aug 21, 2003 PST(#168 of 515)

Somebody PLEASE contact my e-mail adress!!!! I'm dying to know what the answer is to Booby Trap Murderer!!!! (e-mail adress

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Online Mysteries  / Get-a-Clue: Daily Mystery

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