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The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries
What do you like about Nancy Drew mysteries?

Share your thoughts-- post a message below.

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TappingHeels - 07:21pm Nov 12, 2009 PST(#2648 of 2650)
The mystery picture's in a mess. The cops admit the case looks black. Just when the crook starts to confess --- rattle-rattle-rattle --- POPCORN SACK!

Merbenavi - glad you found this site and enjoy Nancy Drew. How many Nancy Drew books do you estimate you have read? Which series do you favor - original, girl detective, files, etc?

nancystella - 03:40am Mar 4, 2011 PST(#2649 of 2650)

hula guys and girls i am a new member joined and would love to know u all. its fun having discussions about nancy. i am a big fan of it too and i totally agree wid u "pukabear" that we have read so many mysteries that we want to get involve in it i'm an indian and my real name is "priyanka" and i'm will be so glad to solve a mystery with risking life and all what fun

Green Hornet - 05:17pm Jan 13, 2016 PST(#2650 of 2650)
Oh, the huge manatee!

I mentioned role-playing games above an although it's been a long time, I've decided to finally post some hints on making a Nancy Drew-type character based on the GURPS game. Here are some things gleaned from this site and other sources.

DISADVANTAGES/QUIRKS: Wears reading glasses. Impulsive. Youth. Weirdness magnet. Left handed.

ADVANTAGES: Wealth: Comfortable. Independent income (From books. 2 points). Social status.


"Killer's Eye": You can make an opponent nervous or afraid just by looking at them. (Nancy has made a couple of people back down in the books)

"Owed a favor": You did someone a kindness and they are willing to help. The pay-back must not exceed the debt and can only be used once. (Kim Possible collects on favors a lot)

"Knows a guy": This is like Owed A Favor, but you can call on this person many times. They may get you tickets to that concert for a price, or because you both swore a blood oath in a muddy trench at Verdun. He may ask YOU for a favor in exchange.

"Connected": Like Knows A Guy, but the person is in an advantageous position. Nancy is connected to the River Heights police through Officer Masters (Crumbling Wall) and Chief MacGinnis and it's hinted that Mr. Drew knows people in the state government. Oddly, it may be better to know a CLERK in the city government rather than the mayor because the mayor can be voted out of office or caught up in a scandal that could reflect badly on YOU!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Miscellaneous Nancy Discussions  / The Fun of Nancy Drew Mysteries