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Comments and/or Suggestions
This folder is for general information and any questions that may arise for this section of MysteryNet.

If you have an idea for a mystery Party and would like to host please email me the rough outline and/or any information you have. I will contact any and all who send ideas.

Please no chit chat!!

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Jinx - 11:37am Nov 9, 2004 PST(#56 of 279)
All you need is a chip and a chair. Shuffle up and deal!

maxout and dramaticat, i totally agree with you about the strength a character would have on the story. as i mentioned before a few hosts, including myself, have either asked what kind of role would you like to have (major, medium, minor or impromptu) or what your ideal posting situation would be. as a host it does get boring to always have to give the main characters to the one or two people who would be able to post more than someone who only had limited time. but what i also find is that those who have requested a major role will then end up not posting because they either feel that they don't have time or couldn't relate to a character. so why ask for a major role? it's like they only did that to see what it would be like but when it finally came time to commit they just didn't want to do it. so now i'm scrambling to find someone else to play the role or i end up playing 2, 3 sometimes even 4 roles at once!!

I feel that i'm very careful about how i give out characters and try to work in a way so that at least 2 or 3 people can post and work together. but it doesn't help me if you (and i mean any player not you personally) sign up saying you can post during this time frame only to not post at all or to post in a different time frame altogether.

as for not relating to a's called acting. if hosts only gave out characters to the players based on how they see them on MN or in real life, there may not be many friendships left on this site, lol

sassi - 11:38am Nov 9, 2004 PST(#57 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Exactly Chrebet!! On both points!

As a host, I grew exhausted trying to balance between everyone. Sometimes I'd even recieve very angry emails. Or I'd go on messenger and be blasted immediately. I recall one time being literally screamed, in email, on the MP and in messenger - finally settled the player down. It was due to a decision made by the cohost - a very valid decision but the player resented it.

Another time, another MP, I came on and discovered several characters had gotten together and trashed the place. We had given permission for food fights, water fights and such - as it fit into the MP. What I didn't expect was destruction of the area and an attack on the main character. I was told the MP was boring and they were providing some life. The cohost wasn't online when it occurred either, although she gave permission for a food fight to occur in the kitchen - it went way too far.

Then there are other mps where its as Drama said - you come on and no one is there. Especially the people you have to interact with! Yet we had to send in our time zones, when we were avaiable and how much we could participate.

Sometimes it was that I was teamed up with a person from a different time zone who had stated she/he would participate in this time zone - then didn't. Sometimes it felt like the requests were ignored - although I wonder if it was that there wasn't enough variety to mix it up.

Usually though its the one I mentioned - a person agrees to participate at a certain level, then either cannot (due to life) or decides he/she doesn't want to participate at another time zone.

Personally, my suggestion is that when you sign up, be very honest with how much you can participate. And since sign-ups are right on top of participating, ensure that you have the 2 weeks cleared to play.

I know that I refused many mps because I knew something would come up in that 2 week span.

sassi - 11:45am Nov 9, 2004 PST(#58 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Jinx, that was exactly what I was going to post in response to MaxOut's comments.

I hear them both and understand how they feel, however, its as you stated, if parts went out based on how people seem then it would be very limited.

I know personally I've loved the challenge of expanding myself. After all, who can honestly relate to being a mob queen? Or a big time superstar singer? It's a blast to expand and see how far you can go with something completely different than reality!

Usually all mps have minor, major roles. And as you mentioned, often people sign-up then bow out at the last minute.

After all, that's how I became C (mob queen) because someone signed on, then didn't show up. And she was a major player, so important that Kermit had to post for both his role (as brother mobster) and her, until you found me and I jumped into it.

That's really frustrating as a host to have this happen - and turns people off hosting these games.

Chrebet - 12:05pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#59 of 279)
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. - Charles Schultz

As far as characters, for me personally I was getting bored. I normally got the same type of character over and over. I know in many MPs I have had characters post the same exact thing. Those rare occassions I got a different type it seemed a number of others in the MP were playing their characters the same way mine was. I even asked hosts and was told no they are embleshing (sp?). While I know that is what MPs are about, for me to finally get a different type of character then just find out it's the same as everyone elses, my creative juices dried up. Did any of that make sense?

Granted the fact I don't like playing married or attached characters may be a big cause of this but the couple times I got those types of characters it was a nightmare. A few hosts knew how I felt so they would talk to me first and pair me with someone I trusted posting with. As a player I appreciated that.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / MysteryNet Mystery Parties by Members  / Comments and/or Suggestions

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