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Comments and/or Suggestions
This folder is for general information and any questions that may arise for this section of MysteryNet.

If you have an idea for a mystery Party and would like to host please email me the rough outline and/or any information you have. I will contact any and all who send ideas.

Please no chit chat!!

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sassi - 10:05pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#74 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Jean, I agree - its more fun to solve the mystery than run around trying to "play cards." It's more fun to read a mystery that has depth to the posts, then read about the bedroom antics and flirtations.

It's a fine line though. Some players require more role-playing because their characters have secrets that lead to the ultimate solution. And the main reason to play in a mp is ... to play. Which means to post.

I know when we first started, we posted way too much but we were learning. By the third, we were more practised and our posts tended to be much more detailed. And sometimes many took part in one conversation -like round table discussions - which was a blast.

And lead to the solution of the mystery.

I love role-playing. I love when I read lots of interactions and drama. Through it the mystery is solved too.

What was frustrating .... and what we worked on in the early times ... was learning to do the role-playing in such a way it contributed to the mp. Not just one post that says "oh I'm fine, and you?" "oh I'm fine, would you like some coke?" "oh yes, I love vanilla coke."

I agree, that's boring.

What I've found though is we've gone from too many posts to ..... very few posts. And the last mp I played, I worried that I was posting too much (hosts said nope, doing fine) but it was soooo slow, it made my teeth ache.

There is a balance and I think it could be explained in rules ... in such a way that all would understand. And then, we could really play. :)

And I think it was Chrebet who brought up the rules and how its not being adhered as tight. I agree - specifically with a couple mps I played. It was like a free for all ... and that wasn't allowed before, still shouldn't be.

Question: Jean, you mentioned mini-mps. What are these? Mps moved to 2week max. length, which to me is mini. The first 3 mps took several months to play out, each around 1 month in length (app).

Just curious what a mini-mp is. :)

babypunkin :o) - 10:08pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#75 of 279)
We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect.-- Sorilea (Wise One from WOT) in "Lord of Chaos"

Of course if someone didn't want to write a bio for themselves, I could give them one.

I don't want to give too much info about my MP cuz it's not fully developed yet... but let's say that the story really isn't set around the MP characters LOL If everyone wants to be female... that's fine... however, if everyone is female they won't be able to meet the tall, dark, handsome man and I'd be sure to let everyone know that it's an all female cast LOL

My story is not dependent on the character's bios... it is totally independent and can be written around what everyone wants to be...and I think will be fun. ( I HOPE)

Of course it would be boring if all someone wanted to be was single, smart, rich, beautiful... you have to have a little quirk or skeleton in your closet... and I think most of our regular MPers are very creative and would do a great job ;o)

sassi - 10:25pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#76 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Sorry Jean, that question on mini-mps is for Ruby. :)

BP, its an interesting concept ... just very hard to wrap my head around it. But then, personally I'm open to anything. One suggestion is ... have a guideline and ask players to keep within the guidelines.

Personally as I mentioned, I love the drama of the mps. Out of the drama other mps have been born. Which get richer and richer with each writing. (and to be clear, the writing of past characters into new mps was always approved by the past writers of the previous mps ... and when past characters were used, the original players were allowed to jump in and participate ... so no toes were stepped on **smiling**)

I love the drama when its connected to the mp storyline and the ultimate solution. In a treasure hunt, like the first mp or the one I'm working on - drama keeps the mp alive. And in the first mp we were told to create teams to work together and find the money - and to post that working together. It was great, many laughs, many tears ... and all worked out in the end.

but as I mentioned, we did have to tone down the posts too ... there is that balance thing :)

My fav MPs are ones with rich drama and loads of various types of clues. Where AIM is rarely used and people jump into the lounge to work on the clues. Where people interact regardless of who it is ... and as a result, further develop the mp. And where card-playing is balanced with rich drama and interactions ... and clue solving.

I really miss those types of MPs. In my opinion, its a balance between a good host (or hosts) and good players. :) :)

Jinx, I loved your ideas. I agree that we can revive this area and through all this sharing and brainstorming, we can come up with concrete ways to do mps.

Thks again Fran for opening this up to discussion.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / MysteryNet Mystery Parties by Members  / Comments and/or Suggestions

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