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Comments and/or Suggestions
This folder is for general information and any questions that may arise for this section of MysteryNet.

If you have an idea for a mystery Party and would like to host please email me the rough outline and/or any information you have. I will contact any and all who send ideas.

Please no chit chat!!

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sassi - 10:41pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#77 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

I know I talked lots and I hope I didn't drown anyone out.

Just one thing on mp development. Seems that many mps are sitting waiting to be finished. Personally I wonder if it really is all about not being able to figure out clues etc.

Because for me its ... I don't want to host. I've heard other players comments and cringed. I've seen mps fall flat and not always the fault of the host/writer. Sometimes its simply the players who quit playing ... stop working out clues, stop posting and talk on AIM.

As you can tell, AIM is my sore spot. If you played in a MP with me, I was easily identified as I couldn't use AIM. There were some people who kept me included even though I couldn't use AIM. :) But sometimes it really felt like there were secrets that only those who were on messenger knew. I did try the basic AIM and found that with that particular crowd, they played the MP on the messenger! What fun is that????

I stopped using AIM after that - besides, even the mini-AIM hates my computer.

Ok, that's a sideline. Back to hosting. I wonder if others feel the same and you don't need to post here. Just something to think about. I've been in a few MPs that ended with a lecture about "be nice to the host, no more putting the host down, there will be no more name-calling the host."

That doesn't make me want to rush out and be a host. Maybe others feel the same way too.

(sorry that's harsh ... and thank goodness for the most part my experiences with hosting mps has been great, with glitches and still great)

Last .. someone mentioned a forum to talk out ideas and such. If someone was interested in sharing an idea but didn't want to host or was looking for help. That might be a great idea. And if you wanted to do your own, that still could happen. I like that. :)

sassi - 10:45pm Nov 9, 2004 PST(#78 of 279)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

ps: messengers do have a role in mps. I've used messengers for final scenes and have participated in final scenes with others and the host, through messenger. In my opinion, that is a productive use of the messenger system. And when people used AIM, they kept me posted through emails. I have no problem with that. My sore spot is entire mps played out on AIM. Where posting in lounge is low and then later, you find that people have been chatting on messenger. That's what I was referring to in my message.

Jinx - 05:31am Nov 10, 2004 PST(#79 of 279)
All you need is a chip and a chair. Shuffle up and deal!

sassi, mini-mps are mps that would only last 1 week instead of the allotted 2. this was only mentioned in the past when it started to get difficult to keep the players interest going with an mp so there were talks of having shorter mps to at least keep this area going. again it seems more like the host is forced to "play" their own mp than the players participating in it

personally i don't mind hosting at all. i've actually co-hosted a couple of mps where the orginal host wanted me to act more the "enforcer" than to carry out the other duties of emailing clues and answering questions etc. most players who have been in my mps should know that i am a fair host (at least that is what i like to think but no one will tell me otherwise, lol) and will give free range on the characters as long as it doesn't go too far from the bios. i've had my share of acting as referee to a couple of players/characters when they didn't see eye to eye. sometimes the plot that is being offered is out of line and i will say so and sometimes the plot is a fantastic addition to the story and feel that it would add a little more drama to the mp and that's where it gets shaky. once again hosts can't please everyone but it would help if the hosts weren't seen as the enemy when in fact they are only trying their best to come to a fair and amicable solution.

Dramaticat - 06:45am Nov 10, 2004 PST(#80 of 279)
"These little grey cells - it is up to them" - H. Poirot

(((jinx))) (((sassi))) (((and all MP hosts))) who do a fantastic job - and who certainly do not deserve to receive abuse for it (I can't believe people did that!).

For what it's worth, here are the things I liked or didn't like in the MPs I played:

1. I had a ball with the first MP I played which was not only a murder mystery to be solved, but I was a minor character and given a lot of leeway to develop the character in (probably) an unexpected way. The downside was lack of people to interact with and not being able to be around for the "live" denouement.

2. I also enjoyed the one where we were looking for the hidden family treasure(?) and had been told up front that some of us would not survive the MP!!! It was good fun posting and not knowing if you were safe or not. I guess if I had been killed off, my interest in the MP would have waned, but I thought it added an exciting element to the game and it was stated quite clearly up front that this would happen.

3. Although I did enjoy trying to solve the clues where it was a "first one to e-mail the host with the answer" arrangement, I was not interested in reading the posts leading up to clues that were solved while I was not logged on. It seems pointless to do so in that type of MP where the goal is to solve all the clues that lead to the final solution and the solutions are already posted. It would be different in a plot-driven MP of course, where characters are supposed to let hints slip as they post (or I assume that's how it's supposed to work).

4. I also found that some MPs seemed to stray from the plot. I want a game that is a mystery of whatever kind that I have to solve. I have neither the time nor interest in reading posts made when I am not on line that have nothing to do with that. This is not meant as a criticism of anyone in particular - some of the off-storyline posts have been very amusing, but only (I find) if I am on line and experiencing them live. When I post with someone in an MP, I always try and talk to them about what appears to be their deep dark secret from their bio, in case I can get any clues. I have a feeling some people are more interested in playing their characters than playing the game, and this may be one of the main overall problems.

It may be that better off-site communication between players about when and what to post would help - but again, how do you make people do what they say they will?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / MysteryNet Mystery Parties by Members  / Comments and/or Suggestions

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