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Creating Mystery Games
This field has a huge audience and sparse pickings. Let's discuss how to create on-line and realtime mystery game web pages and programs. Including such tech areas as graphics, CGI scripting, HTML, publishing, etc.

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Pontiac - 08:40am Jun 6, 2003 PST(#20 of 37)

I am a group nleader at a sleepaway camp and I thought a good evening activity would be a murder mystery where the kids dress up and act out the mystery looking for a good site to get a game for 10-14 year old up to 45 kids. Anyone can help please email me.

sassi - 07:11am Jun 7, 2003 PST(#21 of 37)
I think animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.

Hi Pontiac,

What a huge undertaking. I've written murder mystery parties for upward 30 people and even then, half were murdered and killed accidentally by the end because the numbers are too large to keep everyone alive to the end. (and not as fun)

I really don't know any companies that have pre-packaged mystery parties for children - especially that high number of children.

And with that many children, it would take ~probably~ 5 hours to completely reinact and solve. Judging from the length it took for the 30 character party.

Anyhow, good luck and if you do find something and run it, let us all know how it goes! :)

Juanita Rose Violini - 07:03am Jun 10, 2003 PST(#22 of 37)

You could always combine it with a treasure hunt and have the clues be the treasure. Maybe there could be 10 different teams of five and they could be different types (secret agents, relatives, gangsters, whatever) of people who were interested in finding out who killed SOANDSO. Clues or 'treasures' could be hidden at five different locations (or ten locations or whatever works for you) and then the clues would have to be decoded to solve the mystery. The first team to find all the clues and figure it out wins (obviously). You could also work in giving points for different things and have a time limit involved if you wanted to complicate things (or make them more interesting).

AKA Chris Fatcher Alex Snyder - 06:07am Oct 20, 2003 PST(#23 of 37)
Watcha gonna do when Chris comes for you?!?

Hey, I got an idea! What if there was, like, a murder in a small town that, like, hardly anyone hears about? And, the kids would solve it instead of the adults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juanita Rose Violini - 09:27am Oct 21, 2003 PST(#24 of 37)

how old are you? (kidding)

AKA Chris Fatcher Alex Snyder - 07:07am Oct 27, 2003 PST(#25 of 37)
Watcha gonna do when Chris comes for you?!?

Hey, I'm just saying it would be a change........LOL

How dull are you? (kidding!!!)

Juanita Rose Violini - 02:05pm Oct 27, 2003 PST(#26 of 37)

Actually there are some wonderful young adult books out where the kids do solve the mystery. Most of them involve a crime rather than a murder though. Linda Bailey is an author extraordinaire! Her Stevie Diamond mystery series is one of the very best reads out there, for anyone of any age. Maybe I'm biased because they take place in Vancouver but she really captures the essence of being young.

How dull am I? So dull that I can't think of a quick clever comeback. Probably happen in the middle of the night three weeks from now. Ohhhhh, I should have said.......

Pam Gibbins - 09:19pm Dec 25, 2003 PST(#27 of 37)

I want to do a mystery game with my coworkers possibly something like a card game-not too much commotion-about 40 people. I thought about taking pictures of my coworkers as suspects, but I'm having trouble with how to play it while working. How would we guess clues? Any suggestions?

Juanita Rose Violini - 11:53am Jan 2, 2004 PST(#28 of 37)

There are lots of ways it could be done. I usually do it with clues pointing the perpetrator having motive, method and opportunity and then the other suspects having clues pointing only to one or two of those elements. Where you place them and for how long depends a lot on your environment and if you are actually setting up a crime scene or having a picture of it or police report or what. You do need to include a crime scene somehow.

A lot of these points (and more) will be covered in my Do It Yourself Mystery Manual - soon to be available on my website.

I'll let everyone know when it's there.

Good luck.

Tracy Kinney - 07:59am Jan 22, 2004 PST(#29 of 37)

I am teaching a Mystery and Suspense class (for the first time and loving it!!!) and wanted to have a "Mystery Game Friday" where we would have a mystery to solve (in about 90 minutes or if we had to make it two class periods, that's okay). I am not sure how to come up with a crime, place clues or anything. Someone please help me and give me some ideas. Thanks!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Mystery Parties  / Creating Mystery Games

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