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Cicero - 03:49pm Aug 26, 1997 PST(#1 of 3720)

Hi, Community users. I'm Cicero, and I'm the "spirit" of You can read about the real Cicero in The History of the Mystery.

The Watcher - 03:56pm Aug 26, 1997 PST(#2 of 3720)

I'm The Watcher. In The Watcher's Picks let TV mystery fans know when the best upcoming mysteries, crime and detective shows are airing. I also monitor Community Discussion to make sure it's running smoothly. You'll see my messages throughout Discussion, along with a few nuggets of trivia and news.

Jasmine - 03:57pm Aug 26, 1997 PST(#3 of 3720)

This is Jasmine. I'm an editor in San Francisco, and I love mysteries with female sleuths.

Annie O'Callaghan - 04:18pm Aug 26, 1997 PST(#4 of 3720)

Hi I'm Annie, I'm 16 and live in Caracas, Venezuela, South America. I play the piano and guitar, act in plays, sing, run, play badmington and eat mystery books for breakfast, my favorites; Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.CYA around!

Angela - 08:30pm Aug 26, 1997 PST(#5 of 3720)

Hi y'all! My name is Angela Taylor. I love mysteries, reading, writing, and the net! I'm not exactly new here!


Suzy Natay - 02:44am Aug 27, 1997 PST(#6 of 3720)

Hello mystery readers..

My name is Suzy, and I love my mysteries. Specifically women writers, from 20's to 50's and British.....but hey, I've had to compromise.

Am a Registered Nurse on graveyard shift, love Brother Cadfael and Roderick Allen mysteries. Like to read comments about authors/books so I can check them out.

Like to get whole series of a character, like Cat Caliban or Angie Biwaban; but not possible in Santa Fe.

Alex Dent - 07:38am Aug 27, 1997 PST(#7 of 3720)

Hi, I'm Alex Dent (aka -AWD)

I started reading mystery stories about fifteen years ago with "The Three Investigators" and the odd "Hardy Boys" tale but soon garduated to more stirring stuff. I (like Derek) am a great fan of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories but think that Christie is better (her REALLY good stuff leaves Conan Doyle so far behind it's unbelievable - but this is more a line for the Holmes or Christie discussion folders).

Others include Colin Dexter, Patricia Cornell and Elizabeth George (whom I've seen no discussions on yet).


Kat Larson - 09:35pm Aug 27, 1997 PST(#8 of 3720)

Hi everyone! My name is Kathleen and I'm 12, probably the youngest person on here!! :-) Oh, well, I don't mind! I especially like Sherlock Holmes and am going to start reading Agatha Cristie. I also like Nancy Drew but I don't read her anymore, well, maybe once in a while! My house is FULL of pets! My little brother has a newt, turtle, three fish, and a frog. My little sister also has a newt, and one crawfish, and one cat named Sylvester. I have a cat named Squeaky, and my mom has a fifteen year old French Poodle. I'm in seventh grade. I like the Civil War and especially Ancient Egypt. However, I don't like the Romans or the Greeks. Sorry, I didn't mean to bore anyone, but I thought everyone should know me well!! Sorry! Bye! CYA Later! Kat

Elizabeth Lawton - 02:23pm Aug 29, 1997 PST(#9 of 3720)
I love mysteries


You all, I'm sure have seen other messages I've sent in other areas of these mystery pages.

I will be 34 years old in November of this year and I am a mother of 3. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and love to play with my computer which he gave me. I get to do what I'm doing now because I am not on the net at home. Basically the problem is I have an IBM original at home and the parts can only be ordered from Ohio. It take a long time even though I'm in no rush, I still never liked the idea of sending money in the mail to places I don't know and then they get to send my things later. Huh! That to me is ridiculous. Anyway, I work full time and love to watch movies. I have a wonderful collection. Anyone interested in knowing any of them?


Lillian Hoert - 12:03am Aug 30, 1997 PST(#10 of 3720)

Hello, My name is Lilian. My passion for mystery novels started with reading Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. The down side of my reading is that I can not put down the book untiil finished(planning my day so that I can read) Have been known to reschedule appointments with clients to finish a novel. My dream vacation or day off is to sit poolside or at the beach with a good mystery or spy thriller.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Getting To Know You - Your Favorites  / Introduce Yourself

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