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Mystery Items: For Sale
If you have a mystery-related item for sale, post a message with the information here. Include your email address so people can contact you. If you are interested in an item, please email the person who posted the message.

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---Elena Sawyer: - 04:40pm Apr 27, 1998 PST(#2 of 23)
Guest User

Mouse Designs prints custom designed t-shirts, caps, collapsible cool wraps for cans and bottles, and more. You tell us your liking, and we will create a design. All work guaranteed. Minimum is one on most items but we can create designs with over 16 million colors so write today and shop for you and your friends. Price list and samples available upon request.

Marsha I. Redding - 02:44pm Aug 8, 1998 PST(#3 of 23)

I have the complete set of Nancy Drew books that make up the original series. They are all hardcover and only 6 have actually been read. I will gladly sell them at $2.00 a piece, or, if you have any Agatha Christie books, we could work out a trade! Contact me if you are interested.

Julie Buckley - 08:32pm Sep 17, 1998 PST(#4 of 23)

Mystery Book Company in Tulsa, OK is closing its storefront and shifting to a completly mail order business. As a result, we are selling our inventory at vastly reduced prices. Lots and lots of mystery titles, hard cover and softback, at 40% off cover price. Some first editions are also available at reduced prices. For more information, e-mail

MICHELE RIVA - 11:28am Sep 28, 1998 PST(#5 of 23)


Richard Pell - 04:28am Oct 28, 1998 PST(#6 of 23)

Following a trial on my unsuspecting family last year I have developed a Murder Mystery Event Pack designed to be run over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day....a great antidote to Christmas lethargy.....its not particularly PC....but we had a lot of fun with it. Interested?

Check out my web page which has more details of Murder Most the home of Baron and Baroness von Schoenpflanz.........

Lorrie Stouffer - 12:22pm Dec 2, 1998 PST(#7 of 23)

I am trying to locate used Ellery Queen books in good condition. Please e-mail me if you have a lead.

Joani - 09:58am Dec 9, 1998 PST(#8 of 23)

I have a couple of trixie beldon hard cover novels that i am willing to sell for what ever someone offers (note they are old but are in fairly good condition) if you are interested email me at

thank you and have a lovely day.

mark langlois - 06:01pm Jan 10, 1999 PST(#9 of 23)

I am offering a nice first edition of Nevada Barr's Track of the Cat. drop me a line.

susan n miller - 12:14pm Jun 10, 1999 PST(#10 of 23)

MYSTERY BOOKSTORE FOR SALE!!!!! This established store is located in suburban Washington, DC. Many authors come to our store for formal and informal signings. Sale includes inventory, furniture and shelving, computer, printers, and web-page in production. If interested, e-mail

riva michele - 12:16pm Sep 12, 1999 PST(#11 of 23)

hi, iam selling 80 hardy boys books. all in good condition. 57 are in hardback and the rest are in paper. i also, have two handbooks. the first one is in hardcover its the hardyboys dec. handbook by franklin w. dixon its in good condition also. the other is the hardy boys handbook seven stories of survial. by franklin w. dixon with shelia link.

iam asking at leat 20.00 a book for the hardcovers. the handbook hardcover 30.00 and the paperback books at least 10.00. you can email me any time.

MG - 08:52am Nov 8, 1999 PST(#12 of 23)

I am looking to sell my Nancy Drew and Dana Girls mystery books - are you only interested in yellowbacks? This is what I have and I'd be happy to take an offer for all or individually... My email is

(I'll only list the Nancy Drew books but if you're interested in the Dana Girls, let me know.)

Orange Nancy Drew figure on blue cover: The Hidden Staircase 1930 The Secret at Shadow Ranch 1931

Blue cover - no dust jacket The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk 1940 The Bungalow Mystery 1960

Blue cover - dust jacket cover The Mystery at the Ski Jump 1952 The Secret of the Golden Pavilion 1959 The Message in the Hollow Oak 1935

Yellow back The Secret of the Old Clock 1959 The Ghost of Blackwood Hall 1948 The Clue of the Broken Locket 1934 The Whispering Statue 1937 The Clue of the Dancing Puppet 1962 The Clue in the Old Stagecoach 1960 The Clue of the Tapping Heels 1939

PICTURE BOOK: 1977 The Mystery of the Lost Dogs

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Other Mystery Topics  / Collect- Buy- Sell  / Mystery Items: For Sale

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