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Start a new discussion for each theme. Some examples of themes include: Animal, Knitting, Sports, etc. Recommend a mystery to others, or comment on why you like mysteries with a certain theme.

 [D] Animals (18 messages)
 [D] Art Mysteries (24 messages)
 [D] British Mysteries (9 messages)
 [D] Cat Mysteries (33 messages)
 [D] Christmas/Hanukkah Mysteries (6 messages)
 [D] Collecting Mysteries (8 messages)
 [D] Culinary Mysteries (28 messages)
 [D] Ethnic Themes (15 messages)
 [D] Forensic Science Mysteries (3 messages)
 [D] Gardening (6 messages)
 [D] Gay Mysteries (15 messages)
 [D] Humor/Mystery authors (25 messages)
 [D] Knitting Mysterys (4 messages)
 [D] Medical Mysteries (21 messages)
 [D] Murder Mysteries (new)
 [D] Mysteries with Humor (17 messages)
 [D] Noir Mysteries (1 message)
 [D] NOT Murder! (new)
 [D] Post modern mystery novels (11 messages)
 [D] Professionals (9 messages)
 [D] Religious Detectives (38 messages)
 [D] Romance Mysteries (25 messages)
 [D] Romance-"Crime Meets Love" Comments (117 messages)
 [D] Science Fiction Mysteries (8 messages)
 [D] Social Issues Mysteries (5 messages)
 [D] Sports and Fishing Mysteries (5 messages)
 [D] Vigilantes (6 messages)

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Genres and Themes  / Themes

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