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The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Haunted Carousel
The Haunted Carousel
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The Haunted Carousel

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  • Explore a seaside amusement park and solve a mystery as Nancy Drew
  • In-game laptop helps track progress and get clues
  • New cell phone feature--answer and make calls anywhere in the game.
  • Sleuth on your own, or with family and friends
  • More than 20 hours of game play with 2 levels

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biscuit2 - 05:23pm Aug 30, 2009 PST(#4944 of 4956)

impie200: i haven't played this game in so long, but i remember there being a tape you can look at, and it shows ingrid typing in the code and that is the code. i hope i helped!

mkbdancer28 - 03:11pm Dec 14, 2009 PST(#4945 of 4956)
I have solved Secrets Can Kill, Stay Tuned for Danger, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Treasure in the Royal Tower, The Final Scene, The Haunted Carousel, Danger on Deception Island, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, The Curse of Blackmoor Manor, The Secret of the Old Clock, Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon, Danger by Design, The Creature of Kapu Cave, The Phantom,of Venice and Warnings at Waverly Academy. I am currently working on the White Wolf of Icicle creek. Please help my by answering my questions on the discussion place. :)

impie200 -

Ingrid's Code: 0726

megmeg807 - 06:13pm Jan 4, 2010 PST(#4946 of 4956)

what is the code to the cabinet in the carousel the guy said it so fast that i could not write irt down i thought he said 18 9 33 but i tryed that and it didnt work

prettygirl101 - 02:55pm Jan 11, 2010 PST(#4947 of 4956)
hey wats up? i LOVE nd games my fav one is always the latest one because each one i think is better than the last.

its 18 9 39

ilovendalot - 09:29am May 16, 2011 PST(#4948 of 4956)

I beat it

ilovendalot - 09:29am May 16, 2011 PST(#4949 of 4956)

if u need any help ask me

ilovendalot - 09:35am May 16, 2011 PST(#4950 of 4956)

the barnacle blast game is hard

nancydrewrules2 - 09:55am May 16, 2011 PST(#4951 of 4956)

there are alot of accidents on this game: Falling off the carousel getting elcticuted short ciurciting the entire system getting crushed by the pole when you undernaththe carousel getting ran over by the roller coaster not throwing the jewels at the villian having the fish fall on your head waiting for the villian to go under the sign turning around and the villian kills you once you find out who the villian is if u do anything wrong the villan will kill u

nancydrewrules2 - 10:19am May 16, 2011 PST(#4952 of 4956)

the shorthand note is hard! the thing bess and george send u does not help the anwser is glory

nancydrewrules2 - 10:19am May 16, 2011 PST(#4953 of 4956)

ingrid totally creeps me out

nancydrewrules2 - 11:20am May 17, 2011 PST(#4954 of 4956)

I finally beat the game

nancydrewaddict - 01:32pm Jan 10, 2013 PST(#4955 of 4956)

I need help with the wires in the roller coaster. I cant seem to connect the wires correctly. Please help!

KARO21 - 01:27pm Mar 24, 2013 PST(#4956 of 4956)

Trying to figure out amelias nickname does anyone know

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)