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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

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* Dodge danger, flush out secrets, and solve cryptic puzzles as Nancy Drew
* More than 30 sleuthing activities, suspicious characters, and lifelike settings
* 2 levels--Junior and Senior Detective
* Additional activities, including bird identification
* Keep track of clues with in-game journal, built-in game hints, and more.

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Melena - 05:32am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#94 of 8818)

Okay, I see the tile pictures in the secret room of the speakeasy. I see which one looks like my map. However, I have NO CLUE what to do. Phone calls say the answer is right under my nose, but danged if I can figure it out. Any advice?

Perhaps the December madness is messing with my brain waves.

Melena - 05:44am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#95 of 8818)

Never mind. I figured it out. ;)

Melena - 06:31am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#96 of 8818)

Dang! Dang! Dang! I am right at the end! I see the gold, but can not escape ***** and I keep losing. How do I escape the villian? Help anyone?

Melena - 06:40am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#97 of 8818)


The only bad thing is that now I have to wait until the next game is released.

  • Big Sigh!*

    I will keep looking back to see if anyone needs help.

  • Melena - 06:45am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#98 of 8818)

    Super Sluth Girl - you need to locate the wheel for the missing spot. It is near the door where you entered the room. Then use the screwdriver to hold it in. Now you can stop the water in-flow and drain. Then make sure you LOCK the wheels in place by turning the wheel on the far left. Once you can open the door without drowning, go take back your screwdriver and the wheel. You'll need them just minutes later.

    lisa watt - 07:10am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#99 of 8818)

    am having trouble with the motorboat because i am having a hard time with the screws in the engine and i don't know witch screw too screw in right because i can't figure out the diagram inside the boat cover either i need help.

    Gigi&Kristina - 10:28am Dec 13, 2002 PST(#100 of 8818)
    Othwise known as Squiggly or HorseCrazy

    lisa watt-Top left sparkeplug- up all the way, Top right sparkeplug- Middle setting, Bottom right sparkeplug, all the way, Bottom left sparkeplug, down all the way.

    Sluther - 01:34pm Dec 13, 2002 PST(#101 of 8818)

    Yes, thank you Melena, but I still can't seem to get it? I have looked over the numerals in the computer so many times but just can't seem to get it. I've gone over it like 50 times. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to finish this game so bad to find out who the villian is, it's so interesting.

    Gigi&Kristina - 01:41pm Dec 13, 2002 PST(#102 of 8818)
    Othwise known as Squiggly or HorseCrazy

    I tried to help you but my messge wouldn't go through. Look on, the click PC games, then walkthroughs and solutions, and under *Newest Additions* Click on Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. It should be the 5th one down. Then skim through the walkthrough to find a picture of what you need.

    Calali - 02:54pm Dec 13, 2002 PST(#103 of 8818)
    If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

    Squiggly- Make sure you don't use the word passw0rd. Try using code instead. If your not using that word, then I really don't is wrong. I remember that happening to me a lot also, and I could write one line; it stopped after a while, though.

    jenny trwe - 07:04am Dec 14, 2002 PST(#104 of 8818)

    hi where can i get this game (off the internet)?

    Miss Kitty - 08:06am Dec 14, 2002 PST(#105 of 8818)

    Can some1 please help me I can't seem to get passed the well. I see the gold it's just the water keeps pouring out. I have noticed the wheels, found the missing one and locked the far 2 on the right but somethings wrong because I keep drowning. Can some 1 help me.

    Squiggly - 01:19pm Dec 14, 2002 PST(#106 of 8818)
    You can never know what you can do until you try!

    jenny trwe- you can get this game off using the link above, so you can support this site!

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