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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
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Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Official Strategy GuideOfficial Strategy Guide:
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

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* Dodge danger, flush out secrets, and solve cryptic puzzles as Nancy Drew
* More than 30 sleuthing activities, suspicious characters, and lifelike settings
* 2 levels--Junior and Senior Detective
* Additional activities, including bird identification
* Keep track of clues with in-game journal, built-in game hints, and more.

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nicoole91 (mrsnwn) - 02:50pm Dec 23, 2002 PST(#141 of 8818)

Hi I need help I'm near the end I think and I can't figure out the code thing the easyspeak you know the thing where you have to find a clue in the picures of the dogs so I can do the soda thing. PPPPPPPlllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseee HHHHHHHeeeeellllppppppp!!!!!

Girl of the Shadows - 05:01pm Dec 23, 2002 PST(#142 of 8818)
Loophole in moral code: It's okay to steal a car if it belongs to your kidnappers.-The Whispering Statue

Look at the pictures of the dogs. Try matching the dogs names to the colors.

nicoole91 (mrsnwn) - 10:03am Dec 24, 2002 PST(#143 of 8818)

I need the code for the door in the well you know theres a number for each dog. please please please please please please please pleaes please please please please please please please please please please hhhhhhheeeeeeeeellllllllpppppppp!!!!!!!!!

HorseCrazy - 12:57pm Dec 24, 2002 PST(#144 of 8818)
(Otherwise known as Squiggly)

It think this is where you need help. If not, post back. Green was Lucy, Red was Xander, Blue was Vitus and Yellow was Iggy. L = 50. Z=10. Vitus=5 and Iggy would simply be 1.

jennaveve - 11:02am Dec 25, 2002 PST(#145 of 8818)

hey i got the game and i am really struggling can you guys could help me get the motar boat started thanks you i have been at this 4 an hour and a half! plus i always get lst in the woods and i have a map!

rc girl - 11:17am Dec 25, 2002 PST(#146 of 8818) scared 2 go see whats makin that noise.if u know wat i should do,then help me pleaz!Merry Christmas!!!

jennaveve - 11:37am Dec 25, 2002 PST(#147 of 8818)

where in the world do you find the sandpaper for the dog statue thing?

Melissa G. - 11:37am Dec 25, 2002 PST(#148 of 8818)

I just got the game yesterday and staed playing in and got up to putting the files in order from least to greatest (or was it greatest to least?) Anywayz, the problem is that it is in Roman Numerals. I went to check out the computer next to the files in Jeff's museum, but i still did not understand! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

nancy drew chick - 12:54pm Dec 25, 2002 PST(#149 of 8818)

hi I need help finding the bait! I have most of it, I have 3 glow worms, 2 worms, a red bug and a huge black freaky scary thing that scares the bejeepers out of me, bug! please help! Melissa G. i don't know where you are,but it sounds like your close to me. i had to so that file thing but i could do other things so I did, don't stress yourself out over it you'll figure it out, just skip it and go back! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

Jennaveve - 01:41pm Dec 25, 2002 PST(#150 of 8818)

can you guys help me i need to find out where the sandpaper is???? for the dog statue figure and i am really stuck!!! plus how do you fix the motar boat!!!!

Squiggly - 02:13pm Dec 25, 2002 PST(#151 of 8818)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

rc girl- Don't worry, it's only a man trying to hunt for birds.

jennaveve- To fix the boat, + is screw it all the way up (screwdriver is torque) - all the way down, and 0 is in the middle. Then go to Em's empitorium. Talk to emily and she suggests to ask Red Knott for sandpaper.

Melissa G.- Look at post #104 for help.

nancy drew chick- If you look under the little stone by the cellar door, (which is locked) you can find some worms. Hint: Whenever you come close to a rock or log that has anything under it, you will see "Chirp, Chirp" in your diolog box.

Have a nice Christmas!

jennaveve - 05:27pm Dec 25, 2002 PST(#152 of 8818)

found the sandpaper and used it on the dog "iggy" and i also know that it has something to do with the clock but what, and could you by any chance help me with finding spots where critters might be lurking? i have checked every log and rock even the north south pole rock thing by the celler? any ideas?

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