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Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secret of the Scarlet Hand
"Secret of the Scarlet Hand"
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KriStaLie - 10:53pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#298 of 8820)
Columbo and Nancy rock this world!

N.D fan- I had trouble with this too. I suggest you write down the morse code symbols. (To type them in you'll see above the "send" button there's a line and a dot) Then type the word C O A T L then L E C H E. Good luck!

Gehling Cronin - 08:26am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#299 of 8820)

HELP! I am stuck I don't know what to do when I call Bess and George they say talk to Prudence Rutherford but when I try to call her it always says I'm sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed! HELP ASAP.

sillybeargirl - 08:47am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#300 of 8820)
take time to stop and smell the roses

try dialing 1 then the area code then the rest of the number.

Janie Hickman - 08:47am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#301 of 8820)
Nan's #1 Fan!

Can someone help me with the audio task? I've been trying to complete it.

princess 14 - 08:50am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#302 of 8820)

need the answer to #5

Janie Hickman - 08:54am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#303 of 8820)
Nan's #1 Fan!

Please Help with the task

Squiggly - 09:47am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#304 of 8820)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

Gehling Cronin- Try asking Calali, she had the same problem.

Janie Hickman- Try talking to Hendrik to see what he say's on this matter. Also look at Sonny's disk.

princess 14-This answer is not found in the museum and you must find it from Henrik's notes.

Shannon March - 09:50am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#305 of 8820)

I forgot what city Pacal ruled

Squiggly - 09:52am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#306 of 8820)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

Palenque is the correct answer.

Janie Hickman - 10:24am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#307 of 8820)
Nan's #1 Fan!

Where is everyone? I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mystical Magician - 11:05am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#308 of 8820)

I am really stuck. I've been trying for an hour but still can't figure it out! I'm at hte part where I need to find a box and open it so that I am supposed to see (i guess....) a box or something that i have to make 3 figures have crossed eyes. I have three questions on this topic: 1.(I do, unfortuantely have a walkthrough and it says that I'm supposed to go to the recieving part of the shipping/recieving room, but I don't know which side is the recieving side. Is it the side to the left or right when you first enter the room? 2. Is the shipping part that little thing that has rope around it and it has bubble wrap on the floor? If so, how do I gain acess to it? 3. when I do gain acess to the box with the three figures, how do I open the box?

.........The walkthrough isn't very explanitory.........

Squiggly - 11:24am Dec 27, 2002 PST(#309 of 8820)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

Janie Hickmand- Check out post #305

Mystical Magician- 1.The reciving part is where the bubble wrap is. It should be on your right when you enter the room. 2.You should be able to click on the package. 3.When you're done with the crossing the eyes, the package should open.

jessica pascucci - 01:22pm Dec 27, 2002 PST(#310 of 8820)

help me iam stuck on the part were you answer the quiz to open the door the question is whats the supream mythology god. Who is it?

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)