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Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secret of the Scarlet Hand
"Secret of the Scarlet Hand"
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Calali - 05:15am Sep 16, 2002 PST(#40 of 8820)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

It might not be in all stores yet, so maybe you should try ordering it from Amazon.

Juliana Newman - 09:57am Sep 16, 2002 PST(#41 of 8820)

the answer to the supreme god question is itzamna. ok i need sum help. i am on the sencond level of the temple thing cuz i passed the first quiz and stuff, and then on the other level i passed to quiz o that too, but the thing is i still have to do this maze thing and idk wut the password to the maze thing is and its bugging me to death! i cant play the maze game unless i have the username and password....where are they...and that box in the room next to the lab, whats the code?? where can i find it?

2spoiled - 05:48pm Sep 16, 2002 PST(#42 of 8820)

Tracilc69 It is really weird how you have to put the key together you have to turn it to a certain side(i don't know which side)then you have to put the top on first and you have to be on a certain side of the peice of the key until you can put the top on. ~2spoiled~

Kristen Burke - 06:29pm Sep 16, 2002 PST(#43 of 8820)

what is the answer to question number 5 about the matchmaker on level 2 on the quiz? also, io cant figure out how to work the HAM radio? i replaced the thing that looks like a mini light bulb because the other one blew out, but i cant figure out what station to put it on!? please help ASAP!!!!

Kristen Burke - 06:53am Sep 17, 2002 PST(#44 of 8820)

Juliana- u find the log in name and the password to the maze game in sonny's notes on his diskette. its there, trust me. i need help on quiz level 2 on question number 5, the matchmaker one, the one where Sonny could not find the answer to either. also, i need help with the HAM radio. i put the thing that looks like a mini light bulb in it because the other one blew out. i cant figure out which station to go on!!! i need help!!! and i dont really understand Henrik's notes for the HAM radio in his drawer. Please help!!!

Tracilc69 - 12:29pm Sep 17, 2002 PST(#45 of 8820)

Kristen, Find the book on the desk about the Ham radio and the codes for the letters. You have to get the first station from Henrick's list I think it is 2050 then you will hear in spanish numbers repeated right those down. You have to translate the spanish to engish. In Henricks notes it explains how to take those last three numbers and then you add together some other numbers, to give you the correct station. Once that is figured out, connect ot that station and send in the Nautal word for snake in the code, and the word Letche I think so send the package. I know it is complicated but what i did was reread everything till I got it. I hope that is Helpfull!!

2Spoiled THANK YOU I will try it tonight!! It has been so frustrating.

Kristen Burke - 01:10pm Sep 17, 2002 PST(#46 of 8820)

thank you sooooo much! but do i tell them to send the package or do i send one?

Kristen Burke - 01:13pm Sep 17, 2002 PST(#47 of 8820)

never mind i send one, but thank you sooooo much for all of your help!

Kristen Burke - 02:12pm Sep 17, 2002 PST(#48 of 8820)

need help! i got the spanish numbers off of the HAM radio, but the radio will only take 4 numbers, and they gave me 5! also, when i type in coatl, so i press the << botton when i am done typing it and then put a message? or do i press something else when i am finished typing in the word? PLEASE HELP!!!

Kristen Burke - 03:51am Sep 19, 2002 PST(#49 of 8820)

Nevermind i finifhed all of that!! i am gonna go play some more!!!! :-)

Cle0999 - 01:17pm Sep 19, 2002 PST(#50 of 8820)

Hello. I just had a quick question. I need Prudence Rutherford's phone # and I can't find it any where or I forgot to write it down. Please help. Thanks!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)