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Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secret of the Scarlet Hand
"Secret of the Scarlet Hand"
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prettygirl101 - 10:54pm Dec 30, 2009 PST(#8813 of 8820)
hey wats up? i LOVE nd games my fav one is always the latest one because each one i think is better than the last.

never mind... i finished the game!!

Christina2009 - 11:48pm Dec 30, 2009 PST(#8814 of 8820)

to MKBDANCER: Each roll up door on the narrator represents a letter in alphabetical order starting with A and going down then across and down again. Just change the numbers. First row should be A-C, 2nd row D-F and so on

CUTIE DREW LOVER - 03:45pm Feb 17, 2010 PST(#8815 of 8820)

am stuck on the part were u haf 2 do tha thing in the middle of the garden and u hav 2 round things that go into it. pleez help me

The Viking Maiden - 05:43am Feb 22, 2010 PST(#8816 of 8820)
sonny wuz here

@CUTIE DREW LOVER (assuming you've inserted the stones into the monolith) turn the outer ring to Lamat, pictured here ( dot jpg -- make sure to put an actual . in there), and the inner ring to six. (Or just match the picture to Lamat on the outer ring, and keep clicking the inside ring until it clicks or whatever).

Hope that helps!

pumpup2020 - 03:19pm Aug 19, 2010 PST(#8817 of 8820)


Nancy Drew 14 - 03:30pm Oct 6, 2010 PST(#8818 of 8820)

I need help! Where do i find the bulb thing that goes in the HAM radio?


Kris224422 - 08:40pm Nov 12, 2010 PST(#8819 of 8820)

The new bulb for the Ham Radio is in the display case nearest the museum entrance on the right (coming from the entrance) in the Ham radio on display use the sliver key from Joanna's desk drawer.

Kris224422 - 08:57pm Nov 12, 2010 PST(#8820 of 8820)

Can anybody HELP me PLEASE?!? I cant talk to prudence Rutherford. When I try to talk to everybody else in the game it will only let me say good bye, the Hardy Boys just give me the same hint about talking to an art consultant, but it wont let me say anything to Taylor except Goodbye. What can i do???

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secret of the Scarlet Hand Computer Game (#6)