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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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anni - 06:28am May 1, 2004 PST(#37 of 5390)

lissy you got solve that music note puzzle then u'll find a bubble gum amongst the chairs take that with the help of ur wand then go to the balcony look down on ledge u'll find a gear take that with the help of ur wand go fix it in the basement safe then u'll just keep getting clues then u go to day 2 and yeah keep calling up ned he gives u thousands of clueeeeesssssssss...........

elizabeth doll - 12:52pm May 2, 2004 PST(#38 of 5390)

need help with the projector because when i start to play it the stupid police officer walks in and i have to click on second chance. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

KrAzY4KhLeO - 12:58pm May 2, 2004 PST(#39 of 5390)
Jesus saves now! Tomorrow might be too late! ....`.

elizabeth doll - U need to open the projector thing, then IMEDIATELY turn around, and hide in the closet behind u. U will hear them, then they will leave. Get out as soon as u hear the door close!:) Good Luck! PS: this is one of my favorite games!

KrAzY4KhLeO - 03:48pm May 2, 2004 PST(#40 of 5390)
Jesus saves now! Tomorrow might be too late! ....`.

Did it work?

screwlife - 05:56pm May 2, 2004 PST(#41 of 5390)

All-I have the wand, gum, and thing that was on the ledge. Also I already won the jazz music thing and found the room with the projector. In the room with the projector, I found a CD disk and something that looks like a watch. I found the basement once but can't find it again. So, can you help me find the basement and get to day two?

iluvalaska - 07:01pm May 3, 2004 PST(#42 of 5390)

lissy drew-spoiler-the basement is under that crate. you have to hook it onto the hook and pull it up. it will reveal a trap door.

Jenna Drew - 12:48pm May 4, 2004 PST(#43 of 5390)

where's the music note puzzle???

pinkie77 - 10:14am May 5, 2004 PST(#44 of 5390)

need help.i cant figure out how to get to day 2 on the final scene.ive done it once but then i had to start over and now i dont know what elose to do.can someone plz help me.ive already called the police, and called ned ive talked to everyone and i dont know what else to do.plz help me.

screwlife - 10:17am May 5, 2004 PST(#45 of 5390)

Jenna Drew-the music note puzzle is the jazz puzzle. you play it to get a gear.

screwlife - 10:19am May 5, 2004 PST(#46 of 5390)

Pinkie77- did you get the wand and gum and find the projector room?

pinkie77 - 12:38pm May 5, 2004 PST(#47 of 5390)

yes i did but i cant think of nething else to do

bballhotshot - 04:46pm May 5, 2004 PST(#48 of 5390)

hey iluvalaska i need your help its pizzahead with a diferent name help me!

Emma*may - 02:13pm May 6, 2004 PST(#49 of 5390)



RainWaterSky12 - 02:29pm May 6, 2004 PST(#50 of 5390)
I love celebrities!!!!!I know about a lot of celebrities!

Emma*may-SPOILER ALERT did u go to the basement yet?

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