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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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Stuck somewhere? Need a hint?

Please read this post before posting a question.


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Please Note: When giving detailed instructions to players, please begin your post with the words SPOILER ALERT. This will give others a warning the post may contain information they are still working on. PLEASE DO NOT POST THE NAME OF THE VILLIAN!

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lifemssp - 02:00pm May 22, 2004 PST(#74 of 5390)

any questions i just beat the game

lifemssp - 02:06pm May 22, 2004 PST(#75 of 5390)

top row of keys***bottom row*** middle row 813

me157 - 06:19am May 23, 2004 PST(#76 of 5390)

am stuck please help me anyone

XxvanillaxX - 06:43am May 23, 2004 PST(#77 of 5390)

I just talked to the projector guy. He told me to find a phone number to ask for a map with passages to help me. Where do i get the map?

XxvanillaxX - 07:13am May 23, 2004 PST(#78 of 5390)

actually i hav a new? hoe do u get the key game working again?

RainWaterSky12 - 10:28am May 23, 2004 PST(#79 of 5390)
I love celebrities!!!!!I know about a lot of celebrities!

XxvanillaxX~to get the key game to work again u have 2 talk 2 Joseph.:)if ya need any help e-mail me:)

DetectiveGfaye - 02:47pm May 24, 2004 PST(#80 of 5390)
"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15

~SPOILER ALERT!~ I finished the game in three days. If anyone needs help, just ask!

~nan2ned~ :-)

KrAzY4KhLeO - 03:51pm May 24, 2004 PST(#81 of 5390)
Jesus saves now! Tomorrow might be too late! ....`.

AWESOME! Good Job! It is a great game.

cutiegirlie2008 - 02:37pm May 26, 2004 PST(#82 of 5390)

hi! i just got this game and i kinda need help! okay i got a quarter a magic wand, and a little golden prize from a game! i have talked to a couple of people but wqhat do i do?

KrAzY4KhLeO - 03:27pm May 26, 2004 PST(#83 of 5390)
Jesus saves now! Tomorrow might be too late! ....`.

Hav u gone bck stage? Look at everything

pooge - 03:39pm May 27, 2004 PST(#84 of 5390)

I'm totally lost in the game and don't know what to do could andone help me.

vitagirl13 - 03:57pm May 27, 2004 PST(#85 of 5390)

pooge- what do u need help on? iv played the game many times, but i cant promis i will remember everything! feel free to email me or post here- ill probably answer quicker if u email me

Lizyliza - 08:25pm May 28, 2004 PST(#86 of 5390)

SPOILER ALERT: Help I need help, I've done everything, fixed the projector and saw the clip thing of the letter from a friend to Houdini, If I try to get the slide inside the projector the cops bust me,if i ask ned for help he tells me to talk to Simone, but she's not there, know one is. Help!!!!!

vitagirl13 - 02:20pm May 29, 2004 PST(#87 of 5390)

lizyliza- SPOILER!!!! ok, i havnt played the game in a lil while, but if i remember correctly, before you get the slide in the projector, you must hide in the little closet thing. then the cops will come in, say your not there, and then your free to do whatever!! i think thats it, if not, lemmie know!!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)