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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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Poopi - 11:49am Jun 17, 2004 PST(#140 of 5390)

I'm still on the first day and kinda stuck. i've done all i can do, it seems like but obviously there's something more i need to do but i don't know what it is! i've talked to everyone, gotten my stuff and completely searched everything (i think)...please someone help!

Poopi - 12:34pm Jun 17, 2004 PST(#141 of 5390)

O.K., I got the gear thing, but how do i put it on the star? and what is that supposed to do...oh boy, i really am stuck. heeeelp!

romaine - 06:29pm Jun 17, 2004 PST(#142 of 5390)

poopi- have u gone into the secret room backstage the one in the floor? if not go to the ropes by bradys dressing rm and pull them till u hear a click. then go into the rm. oh yeah have u played the jazz game in the lobby yet? that gives u the other gear u need for the puzzle in the secret rm. good luck!

Nicki16 - 08:25pm Jun 17, 2004 PST(#143 of 5390)

I just got this game tonite and I need help fast ! I cant figure out the Jazz machine game! And I dont know what else to do !!!

Nicki16 - 08:30pm Jun 17, 2004 PST(#144 of 5390)

Is anyone gone to help me ? I really need help ! My computer's sound doesnt work so I cant talk to her friends for help . I need help with the jazz machine game !I cant figure out how to do it !

nancydrewfan45 - 04:23am Jun 18, 2004 PST(#145 of 5390)

SPOILER ALERT!!! After you called the blueprints and the blueprints were missing what do you do and I havealready been to the basement and did the puzzle what do I do next?????? Please anwser ASAP!! Thankz!!!!

tigerlover - 08:59am Jun 18, 2004 PST(#146 of 5390)

Nicki16- the jazz machine is real simple once u get used to it. Just use the arrows on the right and try to get the note into the righthand corner by the dancers.

tigerlover - 09:01am Jun 18, 2004 PST(#147 of 5390)

When does the caretaker come?

nancydrewfan45 - 09:19am Jun 18, 2004 PST(#148 of 5390)

Can somone please anwser my question!!! Thankz :)!!!!

Nicki16 - 07:32pm Jun 18, 2004 PST(#149 of 5390)

I need help !!! Iam still on day 1 and I got the following stuff : Black key from puzzel, wand,meatal stick ,fire lighter .I dont know what else to do !! I did everything !!! Iam stuck !!! Help please !! I talked to the head of H.A.D.I.T already and I cant get into the womens dressing room !! or anywhere 1!!!

cheer hottie - 07:25am Jun 19, 2004 PST(#150 of 5390)
i love helping and helping animals god bless the animals they are my life if we didnt have animals i dont know what i would do

can some one anser my ? it was what letters do i put in for the key machine for the projecter

romaine - 08:37am Jun 19, 2004 PST(#151 of 5390)

galaxygirl- click on S,I,V,O and then the make a key button. hope i helped!

soccer chica - 01:46pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#152 of 5390)

who can help me?

soccer chica - 01:47pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#153 of 5390)

is anyone there?

soccer chica - 01:49pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#154 of 5390)

i'm stuck

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)