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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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Stuck somewhere? Need a hint?

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Please Note: When giving detailed instructions to players, please begin your post with the words SPOILER ALERT. This will give others a warning the post may contain information they are still working on. PLEASE DO NOT POST THE NAME OF THE VILLIAN!

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sojambajuicy13 - 03:15pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#157 of 5390)

r u stuck on day1

Squid - 03:36pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#158 of 5390)


IT would help if you told me where you were stuck maybe then i could help you!

Nicki16 - 04:37pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#159 of 5390)

I JUST FINISHED THE GAME !! I started today for the first time and iam already finished !!! YEAH !!! Iam so happy !!! If you need help message mme !!!

poisonivy - 06:43pm Jun 19, 2004 PST(#160 of 5390)

don't know what to do with the wand and gum.

romaine - 08:08am Jun 20, 2004 PST(#161 of 5390)

poisonivy- if u look over the edge on the balcony u will see a gear type thing. use the wand and the gum to get that. hope i helped! good luck!

mookiki399_2004 - 11:15am Jun 21, 2004 PST(#162 of 5390)

Does any one Know where i can ge a step by step advice it would help. i am so stuck!

weirdo101 - 11:24am Jun 21, 2004 PST(#163 of 5390)

yeh,clik walkthroughs,then N,then do the ones by norma and/or linda. or for 1-click steps,go to,hints,N,then you know the rest.

eLmo467 - 03:25pm Jun 21, 2004 PST(#164 of 5390)

help!!! i am stuck on day 2. Under the cages!

eLmo467 - 03:26pm Jun 21, 2004 PST(#165 of 5390)

pleez i really need 2 beat it

LarkspurLane - 03:36pm Jun 21, 2004 PST(#166 of 5390)
The lowbrow often believes that a bad book is good, while the highbrow often believes that a good book is bad ~ Robert Lynd

Elmo, have you found the trap door under the cages, yet?

kassie - 04:31pm Jun 22, 2004 PST(#167 of 5390)

Elmo- You may not see it but move your mouse around the floor until it turns red. The trap door is there.

Sweetchick91 - 05:02pm Jun 22, 2004 PST(#168 of 5390)
~Need Help? Email Me And I'll Get Back 2 U ASAP (which in my case is very soon)~

plez email me if u need help!

momm - 08:03am Jun 23, 2004 PST(#169 of 5390)

can someone please tell me where to find the gum

kassie - 08:55am Jun 23, 2004 PST(#170 of 5390)

Momm- SPOILER ALERT!!!! The gum is in the thearter. Go all the way back to back row of seats and you'll find the gum stuck on one of the chairs. Use your wand to get it off.

momm - 09:42am Jun 23, 2004 PST(#171 of 5390)

can someone please tell me what to do after finding the gum. thanx

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)