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The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Final Scene
"The Final Scene"
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Stuck somewhere? Need a hint?

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tigerlover - 08:48am Jun 30, 2004 PST(#252 of 5390)

thank u!!

sojambajuicy13 - 08:49am Jun 30, 2004 PST(#253 of 5390)

welcome sorry if i was mean

weirdo101 - 01:37pm Jun 30, 2004 PST(#254 of 5390)

you shouldnt fall when u do that wand and gum thing

sojambajuicy13 - 03:12pm Jun 30, 2004 PST(#255 of 5390)

yes! I did once

linzers - 06:18am Jul 1, 2004 PST(#256 of 5390)

me 2 but i did it wrong your right weirdo101 do you get the trap doors????

sojambajuicy13 - 06:33am Jul 1, 2004 PST(#257 of 5390)

which ones?

weirdo101 - 07:14am Jul 1, 2004 PST(#258 of 5390)

u mean the cages?

ElvisChick - 01:33pm Jul 1, 2004 PST(#259 of 5390)

How do I get the gum off the chair?

ElvisChick - 01:34pm Jul 1, 2004 PST(#260 of 5390)

Never mind, I remember! ;)

ElvisChick - 01:36pm Jul 1, 2004 PST(#261 of 5390)

How many 2nd chances do you get? (like when you are on day 3, when you get hit with the wrecker ball)

sojambajuicy13 - 01:51pm Jul 1, 2004 PST(#262 of 5390)

uh as many! u dont have to get wrecked!let me knoe if u need help on this or any other game!

NDfrek - 08:34am Jul 2, 2004 PST(#263 of 5390)
Give thanks to the Lord... I Chronicles 16:8 Also give thanks to the people who made this site possible!!! HEHEHE!!!

where is the gum i cant find it. i got into the basement and i need to find the big gear. what do with the slide and where do i find the misssing key in the projection room?? HEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!

sojambajuicy13 - 08:39am Jul 2, 2004 PST(#264 of 5390)

Wow you are going too far in the game.look at a walkthrough. somewhere in the seats u will find gum.i think its in the middle section.what big gear?

weirdo101 - 08:42am Jul 2, 2004 PST(#265 of 5390)

th gear for that thingy downstairs that u get with th gum and wand

sojambajuicy13 - 08:42am Jul 2, 2004 PST(#266 of 5390)

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. you find the big one.well i cant remeber where.

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Final Scene Computer Game (#5)