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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Treasure in the Royal Tower
"Treasure in the Royal Tower"
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Jennifer Fernandez - 05:01pm Feb 23, 2002 PST(#139 of 18143)

I can't find out the code 4 treasure in a royal Tower, HELP!!!!!

Miss Match - 04:16am Feb 24, 2002 PST(#140 of 18143)

The library code? Try dusting for fingerprints. You'll need a paint brush and some dust!

Thomas Myer - 07:55pm Feb 25, 2002 PST(#141 of 18143)

I have all three medallions, but what goes in the middle hole in the tower. Is it a purple flower? Maybe I have to back to the garden. If I am wrong about the flower a simple hint will do please.

jessie star - 04:11pm Feb 26, 2002 PST(#142 of 18143)

The flower that is purple is the right track decode the meadalions!! one goes one place, also you have to decode the leaf puzzle to get the ******* than hotchkiss will translate it for you then use the translater to find out where each meadlion goes -JESSIE STAR-

Amanda Lathem - 09:29pm Feb 26, 2002 PST(#143 of 18143)

Alright! I know that you guys are working on the tower game...But I already beat that. Right now I am working on Stay tuned...the soap opera one. I just left a Huge letter begging for help...if anyone wants to click over and throw me a bone...I would restrain myself from throwing my computer out the window in frustration...thanx

Baked_beans123 - 07:03am Feb 27, 2002 PST(#144 of 18143)
All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream - E.A Poe

HAHA!!!!! YES!!!!! I've got all 3 medallions and Hotchkiss is translating my book!!!!!

Amanda Lathem - 06:02pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#145 of 18143)

Alright I am begging for help. Where is the bomb located in the dressing room...this is for the Soap Opera Nancy Drew...Stay tuned. I can not find it...I must be blind! Please respond asap!

Azeleawolf - 07:31pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#146 of 18143)

I'm new and I feel really stuck. Where in the world do you find DUST? Also where is the library alarm code located & what is it??

Amanda Lathem - 07:46pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#147 of 18143)

Azeleawolf--it is really easy...when you sneak into the library...just go over to the table that is underneath the hole in the looks like someone put their fist through it...then you just click your paint brush on it...after that you brush it on the alarm thing and it will show you the code.

Amanda Lathem - 07:48pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#148 of 18143)

Click the brush on the table not the should see dust...Have you done the Stay Tuned for Danger yet? is an old you remember where that recorder dodadd with the bomb is located?

Amanda Lathem - 07:49pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#149 of 18143)

I know it is in the guys room...but where?

Azeleawolf - 08:18pm Feb 27, 2002 PST(#150 of 18143)

how do i sneak into the library?

Green Hornet - 06:27pm Feb 28, 2002 PST(#151 of 18143)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Get into the library via the duct works (Through the elevator shaft). After you do the alarm code and get the key, you can go through the door.

MAY PINA - 10:41am Mar 4, 2002 PST(#152 of 18143)


jessie star - 04:24pm Mar 4, 2002 PST(#153 of 18143)

FIRST WHAT???????????????????????????????????????

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