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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Treasure in the Royal Tower
"Treasure in the Royal Tower"
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jessie star - 03:24pm Mar 4, 2002 PST(#153 of 18143)

FIRST WHAT???????????????????????????????????????

NeophriteisMYname! - 06:10pm Mar 5, 2002 PST(#154 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

Okay, a while ago Jessie Star and Nancy Drew Fan (i think) were talking about the same place I am stuck at, but they cut out a few messages. I got the library code and the key and oiled the passage-lever-thing and even figured out the elevator-out-of-the-way-thing, but what am I supposed to do after that? There's a red button that makes the elevator go down and the door is for the elevator. What am I supposed to do?

Azeliawolf - 06:53pm Mar 5, 2002 PST(#155 of 18143)

Okay, I found the elevator shaft!! But every time i go into the library thu it, dextar comes in. How can i get in without him finding me

Green Hornet - 11:47am Mar 6, 2002 PST(#156 of 18143)
Oh, the huge manatee!

When you get into the bottom of the elevator shaft, go through the steel door. When Dexter starts to open the library door, hide in the air shaft.

jessie star - 12:00pm Mar 8, 2002 PST(#157 of 18143)

ok this takes a while but what u have to do is go into the libary (hint break in through the door with the key from deksters desk) (you need to have the code to do this!!!!!) after you get in punch in the numbers on the keypad, than go pu the stairs go through the elevator duct to the same place where you had to put the oil!!!!!!! you scould be able to go in!!! If not just say so ok......

It should go to the tower!!!!!!!!!

(other hint try to go at night!!!!!)

NeophriteisMYname - 05:53pm Mar 10, 2002 PST(#158 of 18143)

Okay, I went at about 9:30 @ night, went through the steel thing where I put the oil, went down the steps to the place with a door on one side and elevator weights & a red button on the other side. When I press the button, the elevator goes down (crushing you), and when I go out the door, it's just the basement again. Is this supposed to happen? How do I get in the tower?

jessie star - 12:54pm Mar 11, 2002 PST(#159 of 18143)

ok here is what u do ok???

first u go to steel door and push the things till all of them are out then u can walk throuh!!!!!!!

NeophriteisMYname! - 05:59pm Mar 11, 2002 PST(#160 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

Yay! Thanks so much for the help! I didn't realize there was a door behind the weights... I got in the tower and it is cool! Um- about Hotchkiss' video - Is there supposed to be 3 scenes or 2?

jessie star - 02:03pm Mar 12, 2002 PST(#161 of 18143)

2!!!!!!! I think!

terri nesmith - 04:18pm Mar 13, 2002 PST(#162 of 18143)

I get to the area leading to the door to the tower and push the red button. I tried getting the weighs to move or whatever and all that happens is the elevator squishes me ..please help

Miss Match - 04:43pm Mar 13, 2002 PST(#163 of 18143)

2 scenes.:-)

terri nesmith- you need to figure out a way to keep the elevator our of your way and still get in the tower. Hmm...I wonder if you can go in the duct in the library as well as out.

MrsNWN - 07:06pm Mar 14, 2002 PST(#164 of 18143)

How do I get in the Secret garden?? I tried clicking on the letter in the room off from the library and nothing happened..any hints

mrs taylor - 01:27pm Mar 16, 2002 PST(#165 of 18143)

how many jewel things are there

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)