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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Treasure in the Royal Tower
"Treasure in the Royal Tower"
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jessie star - 01:54pm Mar 11, 2002 PST(#159 of 18143)

ok here is what u do ok???

first u go to steel door and push the things till all of them are out then u can walk throuh!!!!!!!

NeophriteisMYname! - 06:59pm Mar 11, 2002 PST(#160 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

Yay! Thanks so much for the help! I didn't realize there was a door behind the weights... I got in the tower and it is cool! Um- about Hotchkiss' video - Is there supposed to be 3 scenes or 2?

jessie star - 03:03pm Mar 12, 2002 PST(#161 of 18143)

2!!!!!!! I think!

terri nesmith - 05:18pm Mar 13, 2002 PST(#162 of 18143)

I get to the area leading to the door to the tower and push the red button. I tried getting the weighs to move or whatever and all that happens is the elevator squishes me ..please help

Miss Match - 05:43pm Mar 13, 2002 PST(#163 of 18143)

2 scenes.:-)

terri nesmith- you need to figure out a way to keep the elevator our of your way and still get in the tower. Hmm...I wonder if you can go in the duct in the library as well as out.

MrsNWN - 08:06pm Mar 14, 2002 PST(#164 of 18143)

How do I get in the Secret garden?? I tried clicking on the letter in the room off from the library and nothing happened..any hints

mrs taylor - 02:27pm Mar 16, 2002 PST(#165 of 18143)

how many jewel things are there

Green Hornet - 04:59pm Mar 16, 2002 PST(#166 of 18143)
Oh, the huge manatee!


Click TWICE on the letter. This had me stumped too, because I have GOOD eyes and could (Just) read it. In the "close-up", NANCY gets to "read" it.

Hottie92 - 06:45pm Mar 17, 2002 PST(#167 of 18143)

mrs. Taylor:

There are 3 jewel things


NeophriteisMYname! - 09:23pm Mar 18, 2002 PST(#168 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

Thanks guys. You're very helpful here!! :) Um, did anyone ever figure out where the "square key" is? And why did Hotchkiss leave off in the middle of a sentence...(rhetorical question) I had a French-studying friend translate the message on the window, and apparently it means "the truth lies within the eyes of the people." Just thought you'd like to know.

Green Hornet - 07:19pm Mar 19, 2002 PST(#169 of 18143)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Well, the square key is in the library, but you have to do some stuff before you find it.

I asked this before, but here it is again: Did Hotchkiss' video seem a LOT like another spoof of the 'Blair Witch Project' to anyone else?

NeophriteisMYname! - 08:23pm Mar 20, 2002 PST(#170 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

Green Hornet, I totally agree. What was with the "fried chicken" thing?!?!? I seriously think someone in the Nancy Drew CDrom team thing is messed up to put a character like her in!!! Oh, by-the-way, I finished it! Let me tell you, it was not who I originally thought it was going to be. (I gasped!) I kind of liked that person and I was sad to see that person as the "bad" one. Oh, well...

carmen Vidrine - 07:32pm Mar 23, 2002 PST(#171 of 18143)

how do i get out of the elevator?? io mean i am on he top of it!!! but i dont know how to actually get off of it!!! please help!!!

NeophriteisMYname! - 02:44pm Mar 24, 2002 PST(#172 of 18143)
Orange Fairy

If you're on top of the elevator after getting stuck, all you have to do is climb onto the wooden box (look for it - it's there) and open the door. Then you can climb out. :)

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)