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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Treasure in the Royal Tower
"Treasure in the Royal Tower"
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J Buckley - 08:44am May 15, 2002 PST(#229 of 18143)

OK,. now I feel REALLY stupid,.. after downloading and printing 9 pages of a walk through, step by step instructions, I still can't figure out what I'm doing,..I'm trying only to look at my cheat sheet whenever I'm ready to throw the CD in the trash,.:) it says I need to set my alarm clocck for 8pm,. take the elevator to the 1st floor and go into the library,. shut off the alarm,. go back into the vent, down the ladder until I hear "strange noises", turn around to find the lever stuck,.. oil it with my oil can,. take the hallway to the left to a door with six combination locks that will change everytime I go through the door,.. ok I've done all that, ( actually I stumbled across the lever earlier in the game and oiled it then) I get to what I think is the door with all the locks (it's so dark I can't see much) I have moved these levers over and over,,..can't get anywhere,. end up having to leave through the door that takes me out in the basement by the ski shop,.. how do I get through this door?????? HELP,.....ARGGGHHHHHHHHH thanks, Jeani & the girls

Green Hornet - 04:51pm May 15, 2002 PST(#230 of 18143)
Oh, the huge manatee!

Trial and error. Just keep at the bolts. When you get through, go down the passage (The door will lock behind you, but don't worry) and turn left. Follow the sounds, if they grow faint, go the other way.

J Buckley - 06:49am May 20, 2002 PST(#231 of 18143)

ok,.. I've been through the library, through the vent, down the shaft,. to that D#@N door 18 times now!!,.. still can't get it open,..will it just open when I find the right combo??, I need to do anything but keep switching the levers? Maybe I need to start over from the begining??

Karis - 06:15am May 25, 2002 PST(#232 of 18143)

hey and my brother just spent 10 hours playing nancy drew:treasure in the tower game...i thought it was good a bit frustrating at times because most of the time we had no idea what to do...but in the end its very easy so if you need help just email me at


Karis - 06:18am May 25, 2002 PST(#233 of 18143)

hey J you are in the library? do you have the paint brush from down in the basment? get that and cover it in dust...go to your room and the read the magazine on the table for more instructions...i dont want to give out anymore info...

Melanie Goss - 02:00pm May 25, 2002 PST(#234 of 18143)

My daughter and I love playing these games together but we are stuck and I feel like a dummy. I am supposed to "short circuit" the circuit breaker in the basement or something but we cannot figure out what to do . . . how to fix the light problem. Please somebody help

Shortstack - 04:04pm May 25, 2002 PST(#235 of 18143)

lol. i just got my game today and im behind. i go into the library and get caught. pleez email me rite now!(i have a time limit!) and tell me wut to do so i wont get caught by that guy. i keep gettin second chances but i dont kno wut to do.

Jennifer Woods - 06:38am May 26, 2002 PST(#236 of 18143)
Asante, rafiki. Kila jambo na wakati wake. Usipokifata, hutakipata. Usisafirie nyota ya mwenzio. (Thank you, friend. There is a time for everything. If you don't reach, you're never going to grab what you're after. Don't set sail using soemone else's star.) Swahili advice.

Melanie, try flipping certain levers or buttons (I don't remember which they are because I haven't played the game in a while, sorry) or combos of them until when you go into the stairwell, it isn't dark anymore.

Shortstack - 05:30pm May 26, 2002 PST(#237 of 18143)

Melanie: go into the basement. there will b a circut breaker. im sure u no. ok. wut i did, and it worked, move every switch except the one on the bottom right. you dont want that one to go out. it worked for me.

Shortstack - 05:34pm May 26, 2002 PST(#238 of 18143)

To Arlo: when u get out of the vent u will hear a jingling of keys outside the door. quickly turn around and sneak back into the vent. come out when it is safe

SeaRaven - 01:24pm May 29, 2002 PST(#239 of 18143)
I love a good mystery.

Everyone that is a Nancy Drew fan, Mildred Benson the author of the Nancy Drew books has died. She was 96 years old. You can read about it on the aol home page. I know she will be greatly missed.

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