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Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Message in a Haunted Mansion
"Message in a Haunted Mansion"
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simerabc2 - 10:22pm Nov 21, 2003 PST(#130 of 5620)

I need to get help on the piano PUZZLE! PLEASE HELP! I don't understand!

simerabc2 - 10:24pm Nov 21, 2003 PST(#131 of 5620)

I don't want to be rude and abnoctious but, I need HELP!!!!

rarara10330 - 06:21am Nov 22, 2003 PST(#132 of 5620)

Ok simereabc, u need help with the piano? Ok have u gone up in the attic? Go up there, look int he desk, and get the notes most used on the sheet of paper. they have a sort of brownish sircle/oval around them. Hope i helped. -Rachel

rarara10330 - 06:26am Nov 22, 2003 PST(#133 of 5620)

Ps thanx book wirm. I almost have finished the gaem. THanx

BookWirm22 - 09:11am Nov 22, 2003 PST(#134 of 5620)
I have finished games Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Stay Tuned for Danger, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Final Scene, Treasure in a Royal Tower, Danger on Deception Island, and Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

rarara10330- no problem!! good luck finishing it! the end is really good...

simerabc2 - 09:27am Nov 22, 2003 PST(#135 of 5620)

I've played the oval/darkened notes but nothing happens what should I do?!

s13 - 11:36am Nov 22, 2003 PST(#136 of 5620)

simerabc2 - that will open the stuck door on the piano ( the little slidng door that nancy says "its stuck"

simerabc2 - 02:35pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#137 of 5620)

S13 I KNOW that it will open the door but I don't understand what and how do I play the darkened notes! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shabazz92 - 03:38pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#138 of 5620)

PLease help me! I can't find "Diago" on the steps. Please help me. Please

s13 - 04:03pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#139 of 5620)

Shabazz92 - as soon as you come to the top of the stairs, near the bottom of the railing at the top of the staris, there will be letters that will move, thats were u will enter diago

Shabazz92 - 04:44pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#140 of 5620)

I can't find the picture of Diago. Can you help me?

Shabazz92 - 04:49pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#141 of 5620)

s13- Thank you very much

s13 - 04:50pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#142 of 5620)

Shabazz92 - what pic of diago? are u sure u have to find one? i dont remember finding one, but i could be wrong.

NurseR - 05:49pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#143 of 5620)

simerabc2- this is a message board, not a chat room. Please remember that the people who can help you aren't in here all the time. Be patient and your question will be answered.

simerabc2 - 07:12pm Nov 22, 2003 PST(#144 of 5620)

Please help! I need to know what do you put when you come to the Safe!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3)