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Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Message in a Haunted Mansion
"Message in a Haunted Mansion"
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s13 - 06:35pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#67 of 5620)

undercover drew- no problem.

s13 - 06:36pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#68 of 5620)

PLEASE DO NOT say is anyone there i can help, it creates confusion, only offer help when someone needs it, and if your gonna say you can help make sure you leave a reference post, such as an e-mail if you will not be on! im not trying to be mean but ive had many complaints thankyou for your cooperation.

Undercover Drew - 08:16pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#69 of 5620)
!!!!~*~*~*~*~*Go Kings~*~*~*~*~!!!

ok i have another question! (some dective iam... lol) ok is anyone out there? *blush*

crazylizzie1 - 08:26pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#70 of 5620)

I am ask me! I like this game! I love the series! I'm pretty much an expert! ASK ME!

Ingy - 08:45pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#71 of 5620)

Hi! I have beat Message in a Haunted Mansion lots of times, and will give help to anybody who needs it! :)

Undercover Drew - 11:11pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#72 of 5620)
!!!!~*~*~*~*~*Go Kings~*~*~*~*~!!!

ok are you still here!?!? i have been playing this game for about 5 hours strait (i have nothing better to do i am grounded for the weekend (reportcard)) anyways i have done all the attic, put out the fire, been to the sence, gone into the secert door in the libary and the sallon.... and iam stuck... i dont know what to do next... the walkthrough says something about spying(i know that the walkthrough says that there is a lose brick in the secert enterance in the libary and i know of it)... also i have NOT gone into lious briefcase, but i have hacked into his computor (maze) i think it was louis but i dont know...! so if anyone is out there i will be in this room for about two more minites if anyone can respond to this message!!! -sam p.s. *yawn* please help soon!

Undercover Drew - 11:31pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#73 of 5620)
!!!!~*~*~*~*~*Go Kings~*~*~*~*~!!!

one more question: where in Gods green earth is Lious briefcase!!!! the walkthrough says that is is"The brief case is located over near the Majhong game in the corner of the room" where is that i need a human to help me out here.... anyone know one


Undercover Drew - 11:36pm Nov 14, 2003 PST(#74 of 5620)
!!!!~*~*~*~*~*Go Kings~*~*~*~*~!!!

is the breifcase to the left or right of the libary?

Ingy - 12:37am Nov 15, 2003 PST(#75 of 5620)

Okay, what you need to do is go in the secret entrance in the library, (a little bit before Louis is supposed to be there: check schedule where Rose is at) and look through the little peep hole thing while he is going through his briefcase. After he leaves(Rose will call him) go look through his brief case. Good luck!

s13 - 01:26pm Nov 15, 2003 PST(#76 of 5620)

OKAY! i am not trying to be rude, but i just wrote a post saying dont tell people you can help, ANSWER their questions, after i said that 2 more people posted saying they could help, ANSWER THE QUESTION or dont say anything at all.

charedfreak - 07:23pm Nov 15, 2003 PST(#77 of 5620)

somebody help me,please!!!!!!!!! i am at the part where you have to finish the inlay puzzle and everytime i turn around or walk away it resets!!! Can somebody please help me?????????????? please help soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

claire92 - 09:11pm Nov 15, 2003 PST(#78 of 5620)

ok,I have already found the safe in Nancy's room, and I got the zodiak puzzle from Abby's room, but I am stuck on where the symbol for "beginning" or "fire" are. without one of them, I can't open the safe. Bess and George aren't giving me any help on what to do next. I am really stumped. can anyone give me some help on this? -Claire

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Message In a Haunted Mansion Computer Game (#3)