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Message in a Haunted Mansion GAMEBOY Game
Nancy Drew Gameboy Advance Message in a Haunted Mansion
"Message in a Haunted Mansion"
for Gameboy

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I need help with Nancy Drew : Message in a haunted mansion

Can u save a game?

When does Louis leave the study?

How come the walkthroughs on the internet don't work 4 me?


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Junebaby - 08:25am Dec 29, 2001 PST(#3 of 212)
Mysteries are food for the soul!! In that case i'll eat 'em up!!

I dont think this should be here, should it? it seems like molly just wanted to post a question but accidently made it a discussion.

Lucky Star - 06:47am Jan 2, 2002 PST(#4 of 212)

I think a discussion on this is okay, but it should be listed in the CD Rom Games, so I will move it over there. Thanks.

bryantsbaby - 11:08am Jan 2, 2002 PST(#5 of 212)

I just bought Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion for GameBoy Advance. Does anyone know where to find the lantern or when Louis leaves the study so you can get the last tile from the bookshelf? Hey, Molly. No, you can't save on GBA. When you finish a chapter, it gives you a password to use. The reason walkthroughs on the internet don't work is because they are for the PC version, not the GameBoy version. Drove me crazy trying to figure out where Nancy's suitcase was in that room. LOL

ASOLO - 01:05pm Jan 2, 2002 PST(#6 of 212)

Do they have one for gameboy color??? I hate this the only games the stores sell are for gameboy advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

buzzy bee - 02:44pm Jan 19, 2002 PST(#7 of 212)

bryantsbaby: if its the same for the computer you have to find all the tiles and put them on the fire place and pull the bird thingy it will open up a secret passage. then u find the lattern. Make sure you see everything u will see him but he wont see you

mysteryluvr - 01:15pm Feb 8, 2002 PST(#8 of 212)

Hello everyone, I was just wondering ig they have Nancy Drew for Playstation or Playstation 2. Also does anyone know what book each Nancy Drew game was made from.


Miss Match - 02:40am Feb 17, 2002 PST(#9 of 212)

The games were named after the books. Message in a Haunted Mansion and Treasure in the Royal Tower are Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Secrets Can Kill, Stay Tuned for Danger, and The Final Scene are Nancy Drew Files.

Rebecca Louie - 08:27pm Apr 5, 2002 PST(#10 of 212)

Hi, I just got Nancy Drew's Message in a Haunted Mansion(GBA) for my birthday. I've been playing it for awhile and I keep getting stumped on chapter 3. I've got almost everything for that chapter but, I have to wait for charlie to leave the basement for me to go down in the tunnel in the fireplace. Do you know when he leaves the basement?

Miss Match - 04:27am Apr 7, 2002 PST(#11 of 212)

I don't have GameBoy Advance . . .but I have the game. . . And if they're different I hope I don't confuse you. LOL But Rose has a schedule for everyone in the Dining Room. He leaves at 5:00.

ScarlettSlipper - 07:46am Apr 10, 2002 PST(#12 of 212)
aka Nanfile

Hi everyone I'm new. I have finished the Nancy Drew Game Boy Advance game. If anyone needs help ASK! In chapter 3 you must go to the library and put the tiles on the fireplace. Then pull the hinge, it will show you a secret door to the room. pick up the lantern and look through the peep hole to see what Louise is up to. Good Luck!!!!

ScarlettSlipper - 11:48am May 11, 2002 PST(#13 of 212)
aka Nanfile

Anyone need help, Just ask!!!

Jessica Frazier - 10:06am May 24, 2002 PST(#14 of 212)

WHEN IS IT 5 o' clock????????!!!!!!!!

Jessica Frazier - 10:07am May 24, 2002 PST(#15 of 212)

I NEED HELP!!!! :((

ScarlettSlipper - 06:42am May 25, 2002 PST(#16 of 212)
aka Nanfile

jessica, where are you stuck? Which chapter on the Game Boy Advance game? I'll gladly help!

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