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Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Stay Tuned For Danger
"Stay Tuned For Danger"
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Diane K - 02:40pm Jan 21, 2002 PST(#215 of 27098)

Okay I cheated I went and got the walkthrough to do the game up to the point that I was to see if there was something that I was doing wrong, and guess what I don't get the note still, and I don't get the ringing of the phone when I go back to Matties like it said I would, and when I go back to the stage at night and open the door I don't get Lillian there, so what am I suppose to do now PLEASE HELP ME before I die trying :) Thanks Again!!

Little Ole Me

maddie's mom - 09:06pm Jan 21, 2002 PST(#216 of 27098)

Hi guys! Please help us. My dd and I love these games and this one is a hoot! lol We are stuck. We can't get into Rick's room day/night. No answer at Dewaynes to get in. We can't find the video tape in the prop room. Can't get Weiss out of the room! No 3-d glasses either. Please give us a little hint.

Thanks so much!:)


Emily Foster - 03:37am Jan 24, 2002 PST(#217 of 27098)

alright guys a need a clue! have visited the prop room and gotten the wierd key thing, the oil thing, and wire cutters. i went to the studio and went up the stairs on the catwalk and found the ribbion and then went to the doors right next to the ladder and i cant open it...what do i do i missing something?

respond asap!!! thanks!!!

Kristen Burke - 05:54am Jan 27, 2002 PST(#218 of 27098)

Hey! My friend and I need serious help! We defused the bomb, we also know how to get into the studio at night. The only problem is that we don't know how to get into the comtrol room. We logged onto the computer and found out the password was ACTOR, but we don't know how to change it into code! We found the 3-D glasses, and the sheet in Lillian's office with the "alphebet" on it. We think you use that. We had a couple of ideas, but it did not work! We need some help! Thank you! :)

Miss Match - 06:56am Jan 27, 2002 PST(#219 of 27098)

Each letter on the paper is surrounded by a symbol. Like A looks like an upside-down L. See? Convert the letters A-C-T-O-R into symbols and bingo! You're in!

jessie star - 05:38pm Jan 27, 2002 PST(#220 of 27098)

AlanaM, What papper? Please help!

AF Brats - 07:17pm Jan 27, 2002 PST(#221 of 27098)

I think we are almost through with the game! We have gone through the secret tunnel, Dawyne's office, control room, all the dressingrooms and offices we can sneak into. We got the threatening letter. Confronted Lillian who got really mad and fired us a SECOND time, but then disappeared and we haven't been able to find anyone. We are supposed to expect a phone call from someone and we keep hanging out around the phone, but nothing has happened. We think this is the end of the game, but how can we be sure? Why won't the game end? What ELSE is there to do? Thanks for ANY help we can get. This is driving us crazy!

AF Brats - 07:30pm Jan 27, 2002 PST(#222 of 27098)

To Emily:

The key thing is not a key. It is part of a stage prop. Look around the sound stage until you find where it goes. It is hard to find exactly where it goes, but try every option. Oh, by the way. After you figure that out, check out Rick's dressing room! (And we also congradulate you on finding the pliers. It took us forever!)

buzzy bee - 01:52pm Jan 31, 2002 PST(#223 of 27098)

make sure u did everything and it has to be dark for phone to ring i belive jessie star the paper she was talkin about is in lillians room

jessie star - 02:12pm Jan 31, 2002 PST(#224 of 27098)


Miss Match - 03:37pm Jan 31, 2002 PST(#225 of 27098)

AF Brats- make sure you have searched Dwayne's office thoroughly and watched the security tape. Then the call should come.

MnM - 04:16pm Jan 31, 2002 PST(#226 of 27098)

Good job jessie star

buzzy bee - 11:30am Feb 1, 2002 PST(#227 of 27098)

good job jessie star

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2)