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Stay Tuned For Danger Computer Game (#2)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Stay Tuned For Danger
"Stay Tuned For Danger"
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amy acc - 05:57pm Jun 18, 2001 PST(#33 of 27098)

Thanks for the help, but I could not find any memo in matties apartment which seemed to help me get into the prop there any way to get back into the dressing rooms after the initial visit? I am really any further help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

Also of the three games out which is everyone's favorite?

Miss Match - 10:22am Jun 19, 2001 PST(#34 of 27098)

Amy, the memo is to help you get into the studio at night. There should be a paper on the desk where the phone is telling you the combination to the Talent Entrance. Have you meet Dwayne Powers? If you have, then you should be able to answer riddles to get into the prop room.

Miss Match - 08:41am Jun 21, 2001 PST(#35 of 27098)

amy, have you dismantled the bomb in Rick's room? Is so, look for a memo in Mattie's apartment about a code change to get into the studio at night. Once you're there, look on Lillian's computer for the control room code. If you can't find the password to it, look all over the prop log book for it.

Anyone playing Master Detective? What's the answer to the riddle "What has holes but holds water?" Thanx in advance.

kelli simon - 11:49am Jun 21, 2001 PST(#36 of 27098)

how do i set the clock?!?!?!?!?!help,im stuck!!!

flowerchick - 02:47pm Jun 21, 2001 PST(#37 of 27098)

need help with the riddle "soft as a petal that falls from a tree,the wetter i am the dryer i will be

kelley bushman - 05:46pm Jun 21, 2001 PST(#38 of 27098)

flowerchick its a sponge. can someone tell me what to do i have been in lillian's office and got the code for the control room.

Gabs - 06:18pm Jun 21, 2001 PST(#39 of 27098)

Kelli simon, have you gotten the 2nd hand to the clock. if not it is in the prop room you have to go to the chest on the right of millie's desk and solve that puzzle then you can get the 2nd hand

Aggie2006 - 12:57pm Jun 22, 2001 PST(#40 of 27098)
TAMU rules!

Anyone know when you can get into the studio? I have been there until 5:15, and I need to talk to Mattie. Any tips?

Miss Match - 02:41pm Jun 22, 2001 PST(#41 of 27098)

Aggie, have you dismantled the tape recorder in Rick's room?

Kelly, you need to find some sort of code in Lillina's office that can help you turn the word into symbols. if you havent' found the word, look on her computer.

flowerchick - 03:58pm Jun 22, 2001 PST(#42 of 27098)

found the key in the clock and where it goes, but what do i do inside the doors?

Miss Match - 08:37am Jun 23, 2001 PST(#43 of 27098)

flowerchick, you found the generator? now you need to get into the control and see what to do with it.

flowerchick - 09:51am Jun 23, 2001 PST(#44 of 27098)

AlanaM, how do i get in the control room????

flowerchick - 07:05pm Jun 23, 2001 PST(#45 of 27098)


kelley bushman - 07:24pm Jun 23, 2001 PST(#46 of 27098)

Hey I have the answer to your question but first was there a bomb in Rick Arlen's room and did you disable it? If you did you click on the left side and the code is 3689 okay good luck Kelley

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