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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secrets Can Kill
"Secrets Can Kill"
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blossom65 - 07:09pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#84 of 8374)

Please help asap!

nycgirl - 07:11pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#85 of 8374)

ok, i have done all of that. i have written down all of the clues. i have seen the file in the teacher's lounge, i have seen the book in the library with the symbol connie is wearting and i did ask hulk about being injuried. i have been in the boiler room and still nothing and when i got to talk to any of them all it will let me say is bye. please help

KatEde - 07:52pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#86 of 8374)

nyc girl~ talk to daryl and he should give u a note. If he doesnt, then keep trying. He should say heres a note or somtin like that. When/if he says that, click to the left of him.


SUE BELVEDERE - 08:08pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#87 of 8374)


Stephanie Meyer - 08:17pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#88 of 8374)

how do u get the wire cutters?wut is the combo for the tank with levers on it in the boiler room?

blossom65 - 08:32pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#89 of 8374)

When does it become "later"?

abby donaldson - 08:36pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#90 of 8374)

know the bolt cutters make the restraunt blow up

abby donaldson - 08:37pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#91 of 8374)

wut is the numbers to the locker

abby donaldson - 08:40pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#92 of 8374)

somebody help

abby donaldson - 08:42pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#93 of 8374)

will anyone tell me the number to the locker

Calali - 09:34pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#94 of 8374)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

Sue and Stephanie- The wire cutters are holding the pipe system up. Switch it with a kitchen utensil [quickly] and you'll get it.

abby- Look for it around the school. If you can't find it, look at previous posts. Post if you need more help!


Squiggly - 09:39pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#95 of 8374)
You can never know what you can do until you try!

Calali- I hope I don't sound rude, but actully you can't find the # in the school. But you can find it in previous posts!

Abby- Hint Hint: Something with the phone and the name Jake.

KatEde - 10:14pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#96 of 8374)

I finished the game!

KriStaLie - 10:20pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#97 of 8374)
Columbo and Nancy rock this world!

Squiggly- the combo IS in the school.

KatEde- Congratulations!

Alanna Russell - 10:32pm Dec 26, 2002 PST(#98 of 8374)

Hi I Just want to say Nancy Drew and I Love Lucy are the greatest and hi Ana Nancy Drew rocks!

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)