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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secrets Can Kill
"Secrets Can Kill"
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tdkitkat - 10:25am Dec 30, 2002 PST(#185 of 8374)

thanx Calili, i beat it.

Patty vandever - 11:11am Dec 30, 2002 PST(#186 of 8374)

what clue was i supposed to find in the maintance room?

Kelsey Durham - 11:30am Dec 30, 2002 PST(#187 of 8374)

ugh can someone please help me? i have "secrets can kill" and i'm stuck! i don't know why i need the bolt cutters or the gloves. i'm stuck and i don't know where to go next. someone please help me!

WAFFLE - 11:33am Dec 30, 2002 PST(#188 of 8374)


ateajon - 12:01pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#189 of 8374)

ateajon here........sorry I had to leave earlier. I am not sure of how to get outisde of the school. I click the doors and I can only choose another building to go to. What do I do? Is the maintenance room and boiler room the same?

ateajon - 12:02pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#190 of 8374)

Is anybody on now?

KriStaLie - 12:11pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#191 of 8374)
Columbo and Nancy rock this world!

ateajon-- Before you click to go inside of the school, click to the right of the building and search for a window you can open with something you have.

Jennifer Robinson - 12:23pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#192 of 8374)

What do I do when I get in the maintence room? I clicked on the gloves, and there is nothing else to do but turn the boiler thing!

Kelsey Durham - 12:24pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#193 of 8374)

ok well i thought i might use the gloves because i found a clue that said with the gloves i will not burn. ok i have already been down in the basement and i don't understand why they say there are so many clues down there. i've also been to the diner and i have the wire cutters and i have the little knife. i don't know what to do now because i have no clues. i think there's something in the maintenence room or in the basement but i can't figure out what it is!

Kelsey Durham - 12:29pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#194 of 8374)

is someone gonna help me?? i'm totaly stuck!!

Jennifer Robinson - 12:40pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#195 of 8374)


Jennifer Robinson - 12:51pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#196 of 8374)

Sumbody answer mah question,cuz i dont know what do in the boiler room-or how i get in the vandelay pharmacies!!!!!!!cuz the vandelay dooor alwaz sayz itz clozed for inventory what ever that meanz so sum 1 pleaze help me!cu i need it

Calali - 01:14pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#197 of 8374)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

WAFFLE- You do have to use the gloves, okay?

Kelsey- Thoroughly search it.

Jennifer- You never get into the pharmacy, so don't worry.

Kelsey Durham - 01:44pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#198 of 8374)

ok i did thouroughly search it but how do u get into the little room that there's stairs 4 in the basement?? n why does it let u go to that little whatever that thing is over by the boiler? i don't understand why when u click on the boiler it just makes a noise and doesn't do anything

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)