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Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game Secrets Can Kill
"Secrets Can Kill"
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ateajon - 12:02pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#190 of 8374)

Is anybody on now?

KriStaLie - 12:11pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#191 of 8374)
Columbo and Nancy rock this world!

ateajon-- Before you click to go inside of the school, click to the right of the building and search for a window you can open with something you have.

Jennifer Robinson - 12:23pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#192 of 8374)

What do I do when I get in the maintence room? I clicked on the gloves, and there is nothing else to do but turn the boiler thing!

Kelsey Durham - 12:24pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#193 of 8374)

ok well i thought i might use the gloves because i found a clue that said with the gloves i will not burn. ok i have already been down in the basement and i don't understand why they say there are so many clues down there. i've also been to the diner and i have the wire cutters and i have the little knife. i don't know what to do now because i have no clues. i think there's something in the maintenence room or in the basement but i can't figure out what it is!

Kelsey Durham - 12:29pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#194 of 8374)

is someone gonna help me?? i'm totaly stuck!!

Jennifer Robinson - 12:40pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#195 of 8374)


Jennifer Robinson - 12:51pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#196 of 8374)

Sumbody answer mah question,cuz i dont know what do in the boiler room-or how i get in the vandelay pharmacies!!!!!!!cuz the vandelay dooor alwaz sayz itz clozed for inventory what ever that meanz so sum 1 pleaze help me!cu i need it

Calali - 01:14pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#197 of 8374)
If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

WAFFLE- You do have to use the gloves, okay?

Kelsey- Thoroughly search it.

Jennifer- You never get into the pharmacy, so don't worry.

Kelsey Durham - 01:44pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#198 of 8374)

ok i did thouroughly search it but how do u get into the little room that there's stairs 4 in the basement?? n why does it let u go to that little whatever that thing is over by the boiler? i don't understand why when u click on the boiler it just makes a noise and doesn't do anything

ateajon - 01:47pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#199 of 8374)

how is everyone? I need to know how to get to the window outside of the school. Is the maintenance room and boiler room the same? Where is the basement?

Kelsey Durham - 02:01pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#200 of 8374)

ateajon-to get the window outside the school, before you go in the school click to the left and then it'll let you click on a window. use something you have to do the rest. the maintenence room is not the same as the boiler room. to get to the boiler room go down the elevator that's in the maintenence room.

Kelsey Durham - 02:02pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#201 of 8374)

oops ateajon i meant click to the right sorry

Kelsey Durham - 02:03pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#202 of 8374)

someone help me please! i did search it thouroughly 4 times and the only thing i came up with is the gloves

Kelsey Durham - 02:11pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#203 of 8374)

someone all i need to know is what i'm looking for down in the boiler room.

soccerstar - 02:15pm Dec 30, 2002 PST(#204 of 8374)

Is this a good game?

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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / Secrets Can Kill Computer Game (#1)