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The only games I have is Treasure in the Royal Tower, Secrets Can Kill and Stay Tuned for Danger. I'm having a hard time deciding if I like Treasure in the Royal Tower better than Stay Tuned for Danger, or Stay Tuned for Danger than Treasure in the Royal Tower. I think Stay Tuned for Danger might be the hardest. Well or it could be Treasure in the Royal Tower. I don't know! LOL. Secrets Can Kill I think might be the easiest. Please post messages if you can! Thanks.

NOTE: When discussing the games, please do not post information that reveals the villian. If you are making a comment on the villian, please say him/her so that the gender of the villian is not revealed.

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Spiker_girl - 03:31pm Jul 31, 2003 PST(#79 of 10640)
~****If u can bump the bump, try setting the set. But 2 get a second look from me, u need 2 spike the spike. For I`m a bumpin,settin,spikin VOLLEYBALL SUPERSTAR!!!****~

Dq~ I`m glad that you enjoyed it! What was your fave part? Mine was the ending.It`s SO thrilling. LOL! My heart was pounding when I was done! LOL!Congratulations! ~______________Spiker_girl________________~

nancy drew chick - 05:02pm Jul 31, 2003 PST(#80 of 10640)

Congragulations on finishing the game. I have them all and have solved them except the Haunted Carousel, which I shold be getting tomorrow or the next day.My favorites were TRT and I LOVED the Secret of the Scarlet Hand. I guess I liked it because I always had something to do on it. I never got bored with it. TRT was really kewl once u find the queens tower. SCK was okay but the graphics weren't that good since it was the first ND game and the music gave me the creeps, exspecially when I would go down to the boiler room! STD was also good I think though that you needed more info, like the person who did it well you sort of got to snoop around with their things more than the others and once you did you kinda knew it was them. I thought MHM was kinda boring, the "mystery part" of it. I mean Nancy goes there to help with the opening and what accidents happen?! No offense to the peoplw who liked it, but it was kinda well not "scary?" I mean even if the roof collasped,which it doesn't, it's not like AHHHHHH criminal on the loose! Sry if I offended people, but I think they should have chosen something diffrent, but the smeinoir was kewl and spooky. The final scene was fun, I liked the way that everyone had a good solid motive, that was proven. Like in GDML Em said that the park ranger would like it more populated but like that was just what she said. It was also kinda of obvious,I thought. I liked the puzzles at the end though. SSH was fun I think I like that TRT also because I learn somehting from them which makes it even more kewl ya know. Hmmm I don't like short games which is why I am getting nervous aboutHC. I've solved them all so feel free to e-mail me if you have a question! thanx:)

Dq - 07:24am Aug 1, 2003 PST(#81 of 10640)
I have finished all of the games so just ask me or email me if you need help!

Spiker_girl-My fav part was the ending too! My heart beet fast too sometimes.

Jenna Celeste - 11:26am Aug 1, 2003 PST(#82 of 10640)

Ohhh I loved The Final Scene. I never expected it to be that person , either. It surpried me at teh end. Me and my friend Cayla played and her Little three year old brother kinda helped!lol But it was a good game. And totally surpriseing. And has many twist. I would recomind The Final Scene to anyone who didn't have it already.Although I think Ghost Dogs of Moonlake was the best. And i can't wait to get The Haunted Carousel. It looks so cool. I just can't find it in stores. If you got it from a store please tell me what store and I will try to call them :( If you need help with a game I've finished all of them so E-mail me at Or you can IM me at the same name. Well Got To Go Bye Jennifer

cher/madonna fan - 08:48am Aug 5, 2003 PST(#83 of 10640)
cher and madonna are #1 in my book

ok my most favorite game is MHM i love the rooms and gragphics and the characters and i still get the chills when showdes come out of no where . and STFD that is a cool one the first time when i figure out who was the bad guy i got very bad chills . TRT i'm still working on and the FS i liked that one but not my most favorie one SCK that one i love . but iam disipoted that my STFD AND SCK won't work though

Spiker_girl - 11:44am Aug 5, 2003 PST(#84 of 10640)
~****If u can bump the bump, try setting the set. But 2 get a second look from me, u need 2 spike the spike. For I`m a bumpin,settin,spikin VOLLEYBALL SUPERSTAR!!!****~

cher#1fan~ Yeah, the graphics in MHM really were cool. It is peaceful, until the sounds start up. LOL! ~_____________Spiker_girl_________________~

Airhead:o - 05:51pm Aug 7, 2003 PST(#85 of 10640)

I totally agree Spiker_girl and cher#1fan! MHM Rox!

Kellnergurl - 04:56pm Aug 8, 2003 PST(#86 of 10640)

I don't know which one is my fav. I have played them all,the one i like the most is Ghost dogs of moon lake. I can't wait for "Danger on deception island" to come out. I think its coming out October 8th 03'.

Siamese kitty - 06:26pm Aug 9, 2003 PST(#87 of 10640)

In Treasure in royal tower the elevator gets stuck one time and pushing the call button doesn't do anything does any one know what to do I have to get to the basement and fix the lights for the desk clerk

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