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Board games

Kathleen - 09:44pm Aug 18, 1997 PST(#1 of 62)

Like I said in the Sherlock Holmes page, I have a SH board game that was made like in 1977. That's the only good mystery board game I have played.

Jenny Thoroughman - 10:53pm Aug 25, 1997 PST(#2 of 62)

I enjoy playing the game "Clue" but with a twist. We make-up a story to go with the character. It has to answer Why the action was done to the victim. You already know the who,when, where and, with what. But Why did Miss Puce stab Mr.Marigold in the Laundryroom? was he sending blackmail notes to her brother?

June Reister - 10:13pm Oct 22, 1997 PST(#3 of 62)

I have a Sherlock Holmes game that's entitled "221 B Baker Street". It is by far the best mystery board game I've played. It was made in 1977 by John N. Hanson Co, in CA.......We got the game through the "Bit & Pieces" catalog that's put out by Games magazine

mak - 04:09pm Nov 19, 1997 PST(#4 of 62)

I have two games that are fun - One I got in the 70's called Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective. It's in a notebook - One section has Clues for each case, it then has booklets: newspaper archives, A London Directory, quiz book, and a casebook -also a map of London (in Holmes' time) . You need to figure out where you will find the appropriate clues to solve the case. The other is Crimebusters -it has 12 cards with a picture, 3 mystery solutions cards, and a decoder (always cool). Both are fun, but I'm always interested in any others that actually make you think.

Lorrill Buyens - 01:55pm Dec 14, 1997 PST(#5 of 62)

We have 221 B; Clue; a test-your-memory mystery card game called Vanished!; and a mini-mystery game called Crack the Case, which is pretty good even though a couple of the cases are real stumpers.

Gary Evans - 01:44am Dec 15, 1997 PST(#6 of 62)

I have "Crack the Case",too, and enjoy it. Some of them are easy, some are obvious after you know the answer. But some are "How in the world did you get that!" Sometimes, you have to ask about what would be obvious if you were there. Like: Is there blood on the boat? Ans: Yes Uh.... is it in a puddle or does it spell out the killer's name? When my friend,Wanda, has the crime card in her hand, she sticks to the prescribes respnses. But, I do enjoy it.

Cathy Wong - 05:13am Dec 15, 1997 PST(#7 of 62)

Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective was one of my favorite mystery games. Some of the mysteries from that series have been turned into a CD Rom game. I liked the paper version better - left more to the imagination.

Has anyone tried the new 221 B Baker street board game - that has something to do with time travel? I was hesitant about buying it.

Tina B. - 12:34am Dec 26, 1997 PST(#8 of 62)

Just got the new 221 B Baker St. Time Travel version. Have yet to play it. Can someone tell me where to get Sherlock Holmes consulting detective?

Cathy Wong - 06:53am Dec 26, 1997 PST(#9 of 62)

Dear Tina:

Please let me know if the new 221B Baker Street game is worth the price. I would appreciate your comments.

I bought my Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective years ago so I am afraid I do not know where one can purchase it now. I seem to remember that there were 3 editions: the original version which took place in London, the second version was actually a contest - you get to write down your solution and send it to the company, and the third version which took place in London and Paris.

Of course there is the CD game version which uses the same stories but actors act out the clue sequences.

J M - 09:18pm Jan 7, 1998 PST(#10 of 62)

Can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find the game Crack the Case?? I have looked in so many places, and have not found it yet!! HELP!! (I live in NJ if that helps)

sue leach - 12:27pm Jan 26, 1998 PST(#11 of 62)

Would anyone be interested in new versions of the Cluedo board game ? I'm thinking of Cluedo on the Orient Express featuring new gameplay , characters, settings and weapons etc . This could be followed up with new editions of your favourite mystery - let me know what you think !!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Games & Puzzles  / Board games

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