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Resources and Tips for P&S Puzzle Creating

This page contains some tips and a set of links for each individual P&S to help you create new puzzles.
For each P&S, you can also find some gurus. Those are players that have quite some experience in that puzzle and have offered help and advice. So if you're not sure you're on the right track when creating your puzzle or if you just want someone to have a look at it before you post it, just contact the guru. ;o)

If you have suggestions for other links or if you'd like to volunteer as one of these helping gurus, please email Eeva and eek meep. And thanks!!

Multipurpose resources

Resources for individual P&Ss

26 L(etters) i(n) t(he) A(lphabet)
A Crossword Lover's Delight
Before and after
Common Bonds
Ear Rings Bee Leaving
Holy Passage
It's All In The... Lettering?
Phrase and Re-Phrase
Punny Titles
Pyramids, Triangles, Egg-timers
Quote's Origin
Rhyme Time!
Sword Words
Ultimate Scavenger Hunt
Word Snakes
Word Squares

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Atanua- 8^) - 03:48am Aug 20, 2004 PST(#19 of 22)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt is really a Common Bonds, with an extra level of complication. Think of a group of items that have a common link. Then consider each item individually, and make a puzzle for it. These can be of any sort you like - a synonym, a trivia question, a cryptic crossword style clue - and it's often fun to mix different types. Try not to make your bond *too* obscure, because even after the clues are solved, nobody may know the link, and the puzzle will stall.

Mega Ultimate Scavenger Hunts are played similar to the traditional USH, but there are two levels of playing. The first level consists of a series of mini-hunts. Please note: No more than five mini-hunts, with a maximum of four clues per mini-hunt. Each mini-hunt has its own link, which players have to guess. A recommended layout is shown below:

1A - Clue
1B - Clue
1C - Clue
1D - Clue
Link 1 = ___

2A - Clue
2B - Clue
2C - Clue
2D - Clue
Link 2 = ___

3A - Clue
3B - Clue
3C - Clue
3D - Clue
Link 3 = ___

4A - Clue
4B - Clue
4C - Clue
4D - Clue
Link 4 = ___

5A - Clue
5B - Clue
5C - Clue
5D - Clue
Link 5 = ___

Each of these links are then taken to level two. Because it is quite difficult to create a link that is in turn a question, you can if you so wish play level 2 as if it were a Common Bond. In other words, the final link is the link that links the mini-links (try saying that after a few glasses of wine). However, if you are up to the challenge, you can make level two into another hunt. Below is probably the easiest method:
6: Actor associated with Link 1
7: Where you might see Link 2
8: Song by Link 3
9: Film where you might see Link 4
10: City in Link 5
Final Link: ____

If you are going to host one of these games, there are a few things you should bear in mind. The first is that you need to make frequent recaps: a full recap of levels one and two every time pieces of the puzzle get solved, or at the very least, for every four posts you make, one of them should be a full recap. As the game progresses, and mini-hunts get completely solved, you will find that you can start editing the recap.

volunteer gurus:
Rik Shepherd
Stevie B

Atanua- 8^) - 03:48am Aug 20, 2004 PST(#20 of 22)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

Word Snakes

Putting together a Word Snake is easier than it seems. Just pick a word to start with and try to make a word starting with the last 2 or 3 letters of the start word. It's easier to set up a snake forward than backward. If you're stuck on finding a next word, it's usually better to go back 1 word. A dictionary can be a good help to find words starting with a certain letter combination or to give you other options.

If this is your first word snake, don't feel like you have to have a long snake of 9 or 10 words. 4 or 5 words works just as well and gives you a chance to get your feet wet.Once you have some experience with this puzzle, it's fun to try a certain theme. The theme can involve the meaning of the words, a category they fit into. The theme can also be found in the structure of the words: all 6 letter words, all words with as only vowel E,... Once players have figured out your theme, it can help them solve.

Using some uncommon words is ok, as long as they're embedded in common words and you give extra clues in time.

volunteer gurus:

Atanua- 8^) - 03:49am Aug 20, 2004 PST(#21 of 22)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

Word Squares

Merriam Webster and a2z Wordfinder are useful resources where you can search for words with wildcard letters.

volunteer gurus:

Atanua- 8^) - 03:17am Aug 11, 2005 PST(#22 of 22)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!


If you're new at Wuzzles, the easiest puzzles to start with are combinations of 2 or more words with prepositions (under, up, in, ...). Just order the words to fit the solution. Best way to do this is to create your puzzle in an editor like notepad. When it looks exactly as you want it, copy everything in the message window on MN, surrounded by <PRE> and </PRE>. When you get more experienced in this, you might wanna try to make little images.

Another popular type of Wuzzle is the Vanity Plate, like license plates on cars that have a certain meaning if you pronounce them. Make use of the specific sounds of letters and numbers to create your puzzle.

volunteer gurus:

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / Post-n-Solve  / Post - n - Solve Help Folder  / Resources and Tips for P&S Puzzle Creating

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