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Short Stories / Books: Alfred Hitchcock Anthologies

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980), auteur, showman and famed director, had a career spanning five decades and over 50 films. Among his other interests, he lent his name to the short mystery fiction magazine and the short story anthologies are today household words. Discuss these collections here!

Discuss Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The TV Series.

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Linda Speight - 12:01am Nov 21, 2010 PST(#119 of 125)

Hi am looking for a short story where a Dr. and his receptionist murder the Dr.'s wife. Prior to the murder the receptionist makes phone calls to a help line, pretending to be the wife. They are caught because of a clock chiming in the background. I think the story was in an AH anthology. Can anyone help? Thank you..

Rachel Chavez - 11:26am Dec 23, 2010 PST(#120 of 125)

I think I remember a story of the Fly in a collection that Alfred Hitchcock put together does anyone know which collection that would be. Also there was a story of a little girl being kept in her parents basement and she wasn't allowed to look outside. the story ended with her saying "I'll make them see green". Help with either of these would be appreciated thank you :)

Valerie Joyce - 10:48am May 12, 2011 PST(#121 of 125)

I remember a story about a man who was hired by a clothing store that was experiencing high volumes of theft. He was made to watch women as they changed their clothes in the dressing room through a two way mirror. Does this ring a bell for anyone? I read it at a young age, my mom had a collection of stories that were selected by Hitchcock, and I remember being quite disturbed by it. I would like to revisit the story but I cant remember what it was called or who the author was...any help?

rose willmore - 07:50am Jun 6, 2012 PST(#122 of 125)

Hello mystery lovers! I look forward to disussing my obsession and reading all your posts. I love Hitch( of course) Ray Bradbury, Henry Slesar, and so many others!

jimmohoney - 08:58am Jun 8, 2012 PST(#123 of 125)

To Rachel Chavez: re "Also there was a story of a little girl being kept in her parents basement and she wasn't allowed to look outside. the story ended with her saying "I'll make them see green"."

Try "Born of Man and Woman" by Richard Matheson. It generally fits your description, but it ends (with "green" reference: "I will screech and laugh loud. I will run on the walls. Last I will hang head down by all my legs and laugh and drip green all over until they are sorry they didn't be nice to me. If they try to beat me again Ill hurt them. I will."

Krishnakumar Muraleedharan - 01:33am Aug 23, 2012 PST(#124 of 125)

[Alfred Hitchcock] Hi all

Can you please help me locate the following short stories (names unknown, only plot element is known) from somewhere. I have read them from two different books - one of which was a translation.

I will list out the plot elements one by one.

1. A boxing manager cum coach gets a vampire as his substitute boxer. He becomes successful and famous. It is not directly implied that the boxer is a vampire. One day the boxer disappears but leaving a replacement in another trainee under the coach.

2. A thief has a valued possession - a beautiful lighter. He robs a house and kills a lady. When he's having a drink afterwards at a local bar, he finds out that the lighter is missing. He goes to the house to investigate but is captured. It is later revealed that the lighter has been stolen by a man at the bar.

3. A ghostwriter is hired to write a story for two celebrated rival 'authors'. He ends up writing the same story to both the authors, thanks to his girlfriend. Only the character names have been changed.

4. A lady named Millie was married nine times. Each time her husband died at her hands accidentally. a detective who came to investigate also dies the same way.

5. A couple is happily married for some years and their next anniversary is coming. But each one is secretly having affairs. They plot to kill each other making it look like a suicide. They eventually succeed too. The lady dies when a statue falls on her head and the man dies due to poisoned coffee. The neighbors think the man committed suicide as he watched his wife die.

6. A man is unhappily married to a paralyzed wife. He also has a pet cat. He plots to end her life. He kills her and escapes. Even though a fool proof plan, he gets caught at the airport. He never knew that his wife was acting paralysed and each time he left for office she would grab the cat and throw it out of the house. His neighbour had noted the missing routine and informed police.

Any help would be much appreciated. Please give the story name and the author name. Thanks

Dwayne Jackson - 09:50pm Jun 30, 2014 PST(#125 of 125)

A criminal is caught and sitting in the sheriff's office. The sheriff steps out for a moment and returns to find the man gone. Finally, he looks closely at the photo on his desk, which was taken decades earlier. He realizes his prisoner has "escaped" to the past and posed with the others in the picture to taunt him. Anyone know the title of this story?

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Alfred Hitchcock  / Short Stories / Books: Alfred Hitchcock Anthologies

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