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Ed McBain

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Ed McBain/Evan Hunter has become best known for his bestselling 87th precinct series.

Jim Doherty - 06:04pm Nov 13, 1997 PST(#1 of 107)

I would definitely agree that the use of actual forms and other documents added to the sense of verisimilitude. I would also agree that very few writers have maintained this kind of high quality over this long a period of time. There are now nearly fifty novels and/or short story collections in the series, and, if anything, he just keeps getting better. He's also been more willing to experiment, and in the course of the series more different types of plots are tried than with any other police procedural writer. There are 87th Precinct books that are hard action novels (i.e. *See Them Die*), locked room mysteries (*Killer's Wedge*), dying message whodunits (*Lady, Lady, I Did It*), supernatural thrillers (*Ghosts*), multiple plot novels (*Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here*), courtroom dramas (*Kiss*), political allegories (*Hail To the Chief*), and probably any other type of plot you'd care to name.

If I were to single out one single talent of McBain's, however, it wouldn't be his dialogue, or his versatility, excellent as he is in those areas. It would be his ability to create a sense of place. What other writer could make New York City come to life so vibrantly, all while insisting that it's not New York City at all?

Dina Hagler - 07:49pm Dec 12, 1997 PST(#2 of 107)

I have read every Matthew Hope novel I could find ever since I read _Mary, Mary_. I love the Hope novels because Calusa reminds me a little of Pensacola, FL , where I'm from.

I have read a few 87th Precinct novels; I like those as well, but they seem have a completely different feel.

Has anyone read the latest Matthew Hope novel (I have been waiting for it to appear in paperback). The last thing I read was _There was a Little Girl_.

Janis Noonan - 05:09am Feb 20, 1998 PST(#3 of 107)

Dina--Do you mean the latest as in "The last Best Hope?" I hope he isn't finished with the Hope series.Is that enough hopes?

robert pounder - 09:42am Feb 23, 1998 PST(#4 of 107)
Guest User

With reference to Jim Doherty, I agree with all you said, yet for me his greatest talent is how the words are replaced by a clear picture, almost a film playing in your mind of people and places. Brilliant.

Paul Bergin - 12:18pm Mar 8, 1998 PST(#5 of 107)

I think it entirely likely that we've seen the last of Mr. Hope. Besides the (prophetic?) title, this book has an air of finality about it. I'm of mixed feelings about this. I don't think the Hope novels measured up to the standards McBain set for himself in the 87th Pct series, but Calusa is a very thinly disguised version of Sarasota, FL, and it's always fun to catch the "in jokes," such as the whack he takes at our local art reviewer (whose work truly is awful) in The Last Best Hope.

jean pierre engels - 01:10pm Mar 8, 1998 PST(#6 of 107)
Guest User

I am proud to say that i am a true mcbain,hunter, marsten,collins,hannon,cannon fan;i am reading this/those authors from 1963 on. Almost everything he wrote is in my posession,be it in dutch,englisch,french or german:the first edition i can get my hands on. With only a few exeptions every book he writes is at least as good or better-or much better-than the previous ones.And please try the audio's.Nocturne is even read-and well done by the author. Please contact me if interested in changing idees or goods.I still miss some oldies.thanks.

Jo Dear - 04:37pm Mar 14, 1998 PST(#7 of 107)
Guest User

I have been a great fan of Ed Mcbain's 87th Precinct novels since I was 14years old and accidentally picked one up in a hurry at my local library. I have never yet regretted that day, 14 years ago. I collect every new novel and would like to congratulate Ed McBain on finding such a great collection of characters and making them work together. I will never stop re-reading and enjoying the novels. So keep writing them Ed, we love 'em!

Helen Leddy - 02:38pm Apr 12, 1998 PST(#8 of 107)

I try to read all of McBain's books. I was really disappointed in The Last Best Hope. It was interesting that McBain had Carella and Hope make a connection, but the story was not up to his usual. I was not happy with the conclusion of his relationship and the ending was abrupt and confusing.

I'll continue to read his books, because I've always enjoyed them. Anyone's entitled to an occasional "turkey".

Jim Moore - 09:30pm Apr 17, 1998 PST(#9 of 107)

There's a strong probability that it was Ed McBain's practice of inserting police reports in his stories that resulted in my using the same technique in my suspence thriller, "Official Secrets."

Now that I've said that, I'd better add that even though the reviewers were quite generous to that book, I am not putting myself in McBain's class. For my money, nobody's in Ed McBain's class! He's the best ever.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Ed McBain

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