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Ed McBain

Ed McBain Books

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Ed McBain/Evan Hunter has become best known for his bestselling 87th precinct series.

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p.shields - 02:23pm Jul 8, 2005 PST(#103 of 107)

Rest in peace Evan/Ed, your work will last forever.

SHASHI DHARAN - 08:08am Nov 25, 2007 PST(#104 of 107)

My favourite writer. Really terrific & realistic dialogue.Even minor characters have a soul. I love Fat Ollie.

Chris Hansen - 04:40pm Nov 7, 2009 PST(#105 of 107)

Hello Melissa, I see this post is quite old, but I'm new to Mystery Net. I just read my first 87th Precinct novel, and really enjoyed it. I always try to cast the detectives in novels I read, so I was intriguied by your message. I would be extremely interested in your list of actors for the 87th Precinct. Would you mind printing it here? If not, please send me an e-mail at My curiosity is definately piqued! Best regards, Chris.

Chris Hansen - 04:45pm Nov 7, 2009 PST(#106 of 107)

Dear Fran, I just saw your post on the death of Evan Hunter. May he rest in peace. I would love to see an 87th Precinct television series, but I suppose that's too much to hope for. Best regards, Chris.

Chris Hansen - 04:51pm Nov 7, 2009 PST(#107 of 107)

Hello Barbara, I will check the internet soon. I believe there was a 1960's series that had Robert Lansing as Steve, and Gena Rowlands as Teddy. I will check, and get back to you. Best regards, Chris.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Greats  / Ed McBain

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