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Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge
We are always looking for ways to improve your enjoyment and interest in the Social Lounge. Your opinions are valuable to MysteryNet and we hope you will take the opportunity to post your comments and suggestions in this discussion.

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daffodil - 03:33am Jul 1, 2001 PST(#237 of 1770)

Dave; I think I understand what you mean.

What Oren said is perfectly true; You're always welcomed in a new conversation by some friendly souls[s].

Still, there's always the feeling of invisability in some folders.

Don't let it depress you. Don't even THINK about not coming here again!

I'm serious! I'll come and drag you back, you hear!

We can't do without you (((((((Dave))))))))

Spirit - 07:11am Jul 1, 2001 PST(#238 of 1770)
"I can't do it all on my own, I'm no Superman" - Scrubs Theme

I finally get it! (I think)

And I see what you mean Dave. Because of all of the special divisions at MN, there are those that only post or sub to certain places pertaining to them, otherwise they would be pulled too many places. And, because of this, we sometimes don't see those people around alot.

Still, there are ways around it, as complex as they may be, and I think that trying to change the way MN is put together might actually be more complex than the complexities of going around the problem.

But, that's just what I think...

And don't you ever feel left out Dave! If you do, I'll hunt you down and hug you to death! ;)


PookyDragon - 01:44pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#239 of 1770)
Thwart. Thwart thwart thwart thwart thwart. Wow, say a word enough times and it really sounds silly.

Dave, I tend to agree. MN has its cliques, but not to exclude anyone. I think it has more to do with people's personality types. I for one am very family oriented, introvert, and love talking to young people. I do not like to drink, party, dance, go to sports events, etc, and I do not have a career job, so there are a few people I have nothing really to talk about with. When those people and I do chat, it is in a folder to which we mutually sub to and therfore that's the common thread. If that folder has little traffic, it seems as if we are not talking at all. I've yet to find anyone here that I totally can't stand (Except for Mimi, she's unbearably sweet and sociable, makes me sick! JUST KIDDING!!!!) Dave, I am not as bothered by the seperation of cliques as I was in high school, so maybe it is hormone increased awareness of it that is bugging you mostly.

Erin B. - 03:49pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#240 of 1770)
Erin- wife, mother, and now...JD.

Well I don't really post in the chat folders. I stick more to the subject oriented folders, but even there I can kind of see what Dave is saying. It's kinda hard to explain but certain people are just "friendlier" to some MNers than others. Kinda like your posts get ignored if you're not one of them.

But it's never really bothered me. Its just like life. You connect with different people in different ways. I don't even think it's possible to like everybody or for everybody to like you. So I just post what I have to say. If someone responds, fine. If not, that's fine too. I don't know what else can be done.

Mimi - 06:58pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#241 of 1770)

*giving Pooky lollipops and hugs, then running out before she can catch me!* Just kidding!

kirsten b - 07:47pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#242 of 1770)

In my observations, people try to include everyone. About the only time I see that they dont is if they miss a post due to many people posting at the same time.

Ze Moi - 07:53pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#243 of 1770)
"I'm reaching up and reaching out. I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me." --Tool

Or if you're young. But that doesn't happen much anymore...


Spirit - 07:53pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#244 of 1770)
"I can't do it all on my own, I'm no Superman" - Scrubs Theme

A smart woman once said "You can love 'em, but you can't live their lives." A headstrong woman then shot back "Neither can they; not properly."

What the point is is this:
We are all here in this together; but no matter how hard we try, we are never going to be perfect, or always be able to notice everyone. But don't fell bad, casue there are always people there for you. They are called friends. I hope you can consider me your friend Dave. Heaven knows I don't deserve such a great friend like you.

And I do see your point. I just think that there is not much that can be done. For people are people, and you can't change 'em, no matter how hard you try.

(I'd hug you, but my impending doomed adulthood suddenly makes me aware that it is inappropriate)

Ze Moi - 07:54pm Jul 1, 2001 PST(#245 of 1770)
"I'm reaching up and reaching out. I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me." --Tool

awwww (((((Spir)))))

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge

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