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Cozy Kitchen

Midnight snack? A festive dinner with friends? Giggles over brownies?

Come to the cozy kitchen... this place is a chef's dream, with every modern appliance, including a fully-stocked refrigerator, and over in the corner there's a fireplace with a couple of comfy rocking chairs nearby. So come on in, whip up a delectable treat and share it with your friends!

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Sunnybrook - 08:02am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#269 of 15953)
If all I wanted was attention, I'd be naked.

bagels? In texas? Surely that's illegal... sounds like Yankees have taken over or something.

MaxOut - 08:09am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#270 of 15953)
Worlds worst excuse: "But we've always done it that way."

yep, best bagels anywhere

running and hiding before the NY crowd gets here

kirsten b - 08:15am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#271 of 15953)

Hey Max! Hows the wife and kids?

MaxOut - 08:36am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#272 of 15953)
Worlds worst excuse: "But we've always done it that way."

doing really good, but way too busy.
teenage boys (well 22's not really teenage any more) are always going or coming. it's a different kind of hectic than with young boys, wait a few years and you'll see what i mean.

can i have $40?
found this 200 watt amp i need for my car
can i have $40?
we need more snack around here to eat
can i have $40?
we need more blank cd's for my music. the 326 i've burned so far aren't enough
can i have $40?
did anybody call for me?

rb2112br - 08:43am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#273 of 15953)

Max, what's so hard about that?

What do I look like, an answering machine?

kirsten b - 08:44am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#274 of 15953)

My kids alreay do that and they are only 7 and 9. I tell them to go make their own money.

SpaceCase - 08:47am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#275 of 15953)

Max, I'm getting a kick out of the fact that it's $40, and not $10, $20 or $50. Any particular reason for that dollar amount? Just a nice, 2-bill number?

MaxOut - 08:54am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#276 of 15953)
Worlds worst excuse: "But we've always done it that way."

movie = $8
popcorn and coke = $6
wendy's #2 supersized with a side of nuggets ~= $6
gas for the car = $15

round up to the nearest $20 ... $40

SpaceCase - 09:00am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#277 of 15953)

Ah, yes, that makes sense - and is making me hungry for some Wendy's nuggets...

SpaceCase - 09:00am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#278 of 15953)

Oooohhh, the edit page is a very nice shade of gray now! Much better!

kirsten b - 09:07am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#279 of 15953)

Sign in page is also the nice grey. Someone must have been listening. I can read it again.

Chrebet - 09:21am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#280 of 15953)
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. - Charles Schultz

LOL Max when are you gonna learn, NY has the best bagels in the world.

SpaceCase - 09:30am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#281 of 15953)

Also, when you vote in white, you can see what you typed against the gray background in the edit/preview screen. Very nice!

MaxOut - 09:30am Jan 30, 2004 PST(#282 of 15953)
Worlds worst excuse: "But we've always done it that way."

when all ya'll bring some here and we go to bubba's and compaire them side by side

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Cozy Kitchen

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