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Cozy Kitchen

Midnight snack? A festive dinner with friends? Giggles over brownies?

Come to the cozy kitchen... this place is a chef's dream, with every modern appliance, including a fully-stocked refrigerator, and over in the corner there's a fireplace with a couple of comfy rocking chairs nearby. So come on in, whip up a delectable treat and share it with your friends!

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Is_this_normal? - 01:03pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#44 of 15953)
There can be no triumph without loss… no victory without suffering… no freedom without sacrifice… (from TROTK trailer) True words even for today.


... HELLO!!!! ((((((Everyone))))))

**back to lurking*

kirsten b - 01:13pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#45 of 15953)

They are already showing school closings on TV. Our school isnt listed yet, but I am 99% sure they will call it off.

scarlet - 03:11pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#46 of 15953)
Some days I just want to be a MISSING PERSON


can't have the chocolate supply cut off

Sunnybrook - 03:37pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#47 of 15953)
If all I wanted was attention, I'd be naked.

Wow, threaten with chocolate, and they'll listen.

spicy pepper - 03:40pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#48 of 15953)
"Come lay with me, stay with me, soon I'll be gone. I will remember you all winter long. And when I return to the one that I miss...oh the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss" Josh Turner

Heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllooooooooooo everyone!!

Chrebet - 10:33pm Jan 25, 2004 PST(#49 of 15953)
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. - Charles Schultz

Passing through on a very sloooooow sub ride. Ugh dial up.

TheMask400 - 07:33am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#50 of 15953)
My answer is now, Definetely, most certain, absolutely, yes

Dial Up?! How come?

* sitting with hot chocolate in hand, for the sloooow response* ;)

ember99 - 07:41am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#51 of 15953)

I'm here and so is the snow...

It looks like we have 12 inches now and its still snowing!!!

Pass the hot chocolate please it's cold and wet here!!

Martha Dumas - 08:22am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#52 of 15953)
Since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body (and vice versa), we now know that only left-handed people are truly in their right minds.

** Passing Ember some hot chocolate and taking some for myself.** We're supposed to start getting snow tomorrow and it could be as much as a foot (40cm) by the time it stops Weds.

SpaceCase - 08:26am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#53 of 15953)

Hello to everyone in the "new" kitchen!

Looking around at the shiny new appliances, countertops, and freshly stocked pantry.

Looks good!

It's a cold, snowy morning here, too. But I've got a big cup of French Vanilla coffee, and the boss is in meeting, so things are looking good. :)

State O. Grace - 11:48am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#54 of 15953)
They say I'm crazy but I have a good time; I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime; Life's been good to me so far. (Eagles)

*running in, setting out a plate of chocolate fudge cupcakes and a bowl of fresh strawberries, waving, and running out*

Jersey Girl - 11:56am Jan 26, 2004 PST(#55 of 15953)
"Nothing matters in this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl" - B. Springsteen

Whipping up fresh whipped cream to go with the strawberries and all the hot chocolate being served.

Hey, did anyone notice the two new taps on the sink? One seems to be coffee and the other hot chocolate!!! Nice addition, Fran!

SpaceCase - 12:05pm Jan 26, 2004 PST(#56 of 15953)

Making a "mocha" with some from the coffee tap, and some from the hot chocolate tap.

Yum! Just what I needed to get me through the afternoon!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / Cozy Kitchen

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