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I Confess

I Confess was a discussion we had in the early days of MysteyNet. I thought it would be fun to bring it back and see how it goes.

You can confess your truest feelings here or just everyday things.

We are here to listen, so confess away.

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Bren - 01:12am Oct 6, 2008 PST(#104 of 3115)
For most of history, Anonymous was a woman--Virginia Woolf

thanks guys,

I confess... I need some time off! These 6 days work weeks stink!

Fran Hinkel - 07:01am Oct 6, 2008 PST(#105 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Bren, with all the stress you've been through, you could use some time off even if you weren't working 6 days. I'm so happy to hear Doug's latest news.

Shelly Dee - 07:34am Oct 8, 2008 PST(#106 of 3115)
Your value has nothing to do with your valuables.

I confess that I just got my electric bill and it came with the following list of charges:

Basic service charge
Delivery service charge
Environmental benefits surcharge
Federal environmental improvement surcharge
Competition rules compliance charge
System benefits charge
Power supply adjustment charge
Metering charge
Meter reading charge
Billing charge
Genreation of electricity on peak charge
Generation of electricity off peak charge
Transmission and ancillary services charge
Transmission cost adjustment charge
Regulatory assessment charge
State Sales tax
County Sales Tax
City Sales Tax
and finally a Franchise fee

_Jersey_Girl_ - 10:57am Oct 8, 2008 PST(#107 of 3115)
"Nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." - T. Waits

That's just ridiculous.

kirsten b - 04:24pm Oct 8, 2008 PST(#108 of 3115)

Looks pretty much par for the course. wonder if they will take the meter reading charge off here since it is now supposed to be automated. The meter is supposed to send a signal to the power company.

Now if only they would make it easier to convert to solar power. I would stick some solar panels on my roof in a heartbeat.

Fran Hinkel - 11:51pm Oct 8, 2008 PST(#109 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Oh my Lord, Shelly! I Confess, I don't do the bills, I'll have to look at mine when it comes. I know the phone company does the same thing, but not to that extent! It's just ridiculous.

Fran Hinkel - 02:53am Oct 9, 2008 PST(#110 of 3115)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

I Confess, this made me sad. Do you remember hearing about Oscar, the Psychic Cat who seemed to sense the impending death at a nursing home and would not leave the patients?

Psychic Cat Found Dead PROVIDENCE, RI - Oscar, the nursing home cat who could seemingly sense the impending death of patients, was found dead early yesterday. The cat gained recent notoriety when reports of his ability to detect the impending death of the terminally ill became public. Seemingly aware that death was at hand, Oscar would reportedly climb into the bed of patients during their final hours.

Officials at the facility would not reveal the cause of death, but did acknowledge rumors that the cat was becoming increasingly unpopular among the patients. One knowledgeable source - who agreed to speak with us on the condition of anonymity - confirmed increasing animosity toward the animal, and that a dented bedpan was found near the body.

According to our source, the recent publicity of Oscar's unique insight spread quickly throughout the facility. Patients in the terminal ward became increasingly upset at the sight of the cat, prompting administrators to move Oscar to another floor. After an unexpected death on that floor, Oscar quickly became quite unwelcome there too. "Good riddance." said patient Gertrude Feinman, when told of the cat's demise. "It would just sit there and stare at you - with this look on his face like 'you're next'".

A spokesman for the home downplayed any immediate talk of foul play. "We don't want to jump to any conclusions." said Ronald Kitzmiller, Director of Operations at the facility. "We'll wait for the coroner's report, and then decide if any legal action is warranted."

_Jersey_Girl_ - 10:10am Oct 9, 2008 PST(#111 of 3115)
"Nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." - T. Waits

That is sad. Perhaps they should have moved him to a different facility and changed his name when his story reached the patients.

Shelly Dee - 12:22pm Oct 9, 2008 PST(#112 of 3115)
Your value has nothing to do with your valuables.

*sigh* Why blame Oscar? When your number is up that's that! Having Oscar there beats dying alone...

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Social Lounge  / I Confess

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