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Campfire Mysteries

rubyj - 10:01pm Aug 19, 2013 PST
I confess...started using wrinkle cream and dyed my my face is darker and my hair is wrinkled...whassup with that?

Have you ever been on a camp out? Whether it was at an actual recreational area or in your own back yard? Maybe you told scary stories with friends or family members either outside under the stars or inside during stormy nights. Maybe it was when the lights were out, candles burning or flashlights shining. Well, this is similar. The setting will be the same, either outdoors around a campfire or inside with some form of lighting. The situation may be different, perhaps an actual camping trip, backyard party, a dark and stormy night, or being stranded in a remote location. The characters will be suggested, but you will choose whether to be yourself, a character based on suggestions, or maybe a character you've played in one of our Mystery Parties. You can play as much or as little as you wish. The setting, beginning of the mystery and references to characters will be made at the start of each new Campfire Mysteries (CM). Time frame will be one night, from dusk to dawn. Actual time will last up to 2 weeks. Remember, it is a mystery to be solved or even debunked. You are only limited by your imagination. While clues are not necessary, the host/hosts can provide them or events to help move the mystery along if needed.

Rules: Okay, you knew there would be some. Each mystery should start on a Tuesday or no later than Wednesday, when the host (or hosts) posts the setting, suggestions for characters, and the premise of the mystery. The mystery should end by the second Friday. The host/hosts will tie up the mystery, using the ideas posted by participants, in a logical, or even illogical, way and then post THE END. After this, each participant will reveal their identity, can post ideas for the next CM and will agree to be available to host if chosen. Any MN Member can post which CM they’d like to be next. On Monday, the current host/hosts will reveal the next CM. Yes, you can post your idea again if not chosen. When a Mystery Party is planned and started, Campfire Mysteries will be placed on hold until the MP concludes. The first CM will be hosted by rubyj. Many thanks to Bella who hosted an earlier version of this, which continues to be a work in progress.

Join in the fun, post comments or suggestions, and please participate!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / MysteryNet Mystery Parties by Members  / Campfire Mysteries

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