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Help Using Teasers
Hi all, and welcome to Teasers by Members, a feature of

Here's the deal:
Each Teaser starts with the setup - a short description of the teaser. Members then attempt to solve the teaser by posting yes or no questions for the Teaser Master to answer until the solution is arrived at. If you have already heard the Teaser, please do not give away the solution.

 • PLEASE read all the questions from the beginning of a Teaser before posting your own. Try not to post the same question twice.
 • Please post no more than 4 total questions between receiving answers from the Teaser Master.
 • Try to refrain from any unnecessary topics or non-teaser related discussions in the Teaser Section.
 • Please do not use any fonts (color, face, size) besides the default unless you are the Teaser Master.
 • Solved Teasers will be marked and moved to "Teasers with Solutions" and will be deleted after a short time.
 • PLEASE, if you've heard a Teaser before, or think you know the answer at the very beginning of a Teaser, email the Teaser Master by clicking on their name at the top of the Teaser.

How to become a Teaser Master:
To have your own Teaser posted, you must first be a registered user of the MysteryNet Community. In order to register, just click the "Register" button at the bottom of your screen.
Send your teaser, title, solution, and MysteryNet "NAME" to:
As soon as we're able, we'll post your Teaser in the Teasers by Members folder-- but please stick around to answer the questions and interact with everyone!

 • Please do not send in Teasers as attachments in emails as they will be automatically denied. Instead, copy and paste them into the body of the email.
 • Please send only one teaser per email. You can submit several but they should be in separate emails.
 • If you are sending a teaser with a co-host, please include their email address also.

Thanks, and enjoy the Teasers

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amyleemary - 02:33pm Apr 2, 2005 PST(#310 of 322)

hello! anyone 2 help??!! plz help me... i've been sendin' the same request for 1 whole week without gettin' a reply... i don't know how 2 move the gargoyle near 2 jane's room... & also the triangles at the end of the passageway i don't know how 2 move them...

amyleemary - 02:41pm Apr 2, 2005 PST(#311 of 322)

hi.. what am i supose 2 do now..???? i'm new here & i don't know wat 2 do 2 get my replies...!!! help!

Cornflak - 06:10pm Apr 2, 2005 PST(#312 of 322)
There's a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker. - Charles Schulz

Hi Amyleemary! If you're looking for help on a game, this is the wrong place. I checked out your profile and noticed that you already posted in the game's discussion, and that there are over 600 messages following it. That'd be the best place to try again if no one answered. If you're not sure how to get back there, just click on your name and then on the title of the discussion. Good luck!

CHAD VELEZ - 06:49pm Oct 19, 2005 PST(#313 of 322)

hi everyone, I'm new here and I hope I can solve many mystery for now on.

tracy p - 11:36am Nov 14, 2005 PST(#314 of 322)

im new to this site too..i hope to have lots of fun here . and to test my skills

Swarmed - 05:20pm Feb 6, 2006 PST(#315 of 322)

haha, new her as well! I just found this site and hope it proves interesting!

Caulkhead - 10:05am Feb 10, 2006 PST(#316 of 322)

I have just found this website and it loks great, can't wait to try and solve some of these mysterys

Also has anyone seen the crime scene they are running on the guardian website and entered the competion to solve it? you can win signed copies of Dean Koontz's new book.

this is the url. e

chaucer - 10:16pm Nov 23, 2006 PST(#317 of 322)

hi guyzz. just new here...

E. Walter - 01:55am Sep 4, 2007 PST(#318 of 322)

I feel really stupid. I am new, and would like to participate but all I seem to be able to find are the comments and messages. Where do you find the set-up? Where do you figure out how to join in? I have read all the yes and no questions, but can't find the basic beginning. A note, does anyone ever clean up the comments? Hundreds of comments dating back a few years seem a bit too much.

Atanua- 8^) - 09:11am Sep 5, 2007 PST(#319 of 322)
Short and unpronouncable ... and proud of it!!!

Hello E.Walter. Here you can find all the puzzles that are are being played at the moment. The topic you are in now is just for comments.

Angel Cekis - 10:38am Sep 11, 2007 PST(#320 of 322)

Hi everyone, this is my first time on here so I really don't know what to say or do but I will eventually learn. Thought I would see how everyone is doing and start getting to know people. I am very bored at the moment but I will let everyone get back to important stuff

kendall hines - 03:46pm Dec 5, 2009 PST(#321 of 322)

hey am new here and am ready to solve mysterys!:D

kirsten b - 03:49pm Dec 5, 2009 PST(#322 of 322)

We don't have an active teaser up at the moment, but one will probably be up in a few days. You can check out the past teasers to get an idea of how we solve them. As soon as one is posted, just jump right in.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Community Mystery Games  / Teasers by Members  / Help Using Teasers

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