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Murder at the CSC (Child Study Centre) Reunion

Anthony Durrant - 11:09am Sep 11, 2003 PST
Guest User


by Anthony Durrant

Detective Inspector Rebecca Crabbe looked around at the site of the CSC Reunion banquet. Antoine Dimanche, the murder victim, had left part of his meal uneaten, left there when he went to the bathroom, never to return. One of the other former students, Mary Bowden stepped forward. She was a tall blonde with a terrific figure and bright blue eyes.

"It was my idea to hire the double for the banquet," she said, "since Jason here and I thought Antoine wasn't going to show. He was a perfect choice for the role: 20-20 vision, no allergies, and a face that was a perfect likeness to Antoine Dimanche's."

"Was he the killer or was he the victim?" Rebecca asked, surprised.

"The killer, we think, Inspector!" said Jason. "Obviously the real Antoine showed up and he killed him before the banquet, then excused himself and went to the bathroom in order to make his getaway."

"A reasonable theory!" said the Inspector, then turned to Bonnie Agliw, a short dark-haired girl with brown eyes and a pleasant heart-shaped face.

"What do you remember about tonight, Bonnie?" she asked.

"Antoine was seated at the empty place at the table," Bonnie said, "and he was laughing and joking with the other CSC alumni. He looked just as I'd seen him in the Ottawa SUN picture - a tall thin man with short brown hair and a crooked smile that made everyone laugh. He was clad in a tuxedo and wore very ornate spectacles that he polished from time to time. Sometime during the middle of the meal he excused himself and went to the bathroom -after that, we never saw him again."

Rebecca looked again at the place where Antoine - or rather, his double - had apparently been sitting. There was an unfinished hamburger on his plate that he had put down when he went to the bathroom; also, on the side dish, sat three tomato slices that had been there since "Antoine" had started his dinner.

"Did you realize that Antoine had been replaced by a double?" she asked.

"No, I didn't!" Bonnie said. "And if they did, you couldn't tell it by watching him. He was laughing and joking and exchanging reminisces with the other alumni. I'd have given my life that he was the real Antoine Dimanche until you had told me the truth."

Rebecca looked again at Antoine Dimanche's place - and an idea came to her.

"I think," she said, "that someone is trying to play me for a fool - and I think I know who that person is!"


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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Solve-it-Yourself and Puzzle Mysteries  / Murder at the CSC (Child Study Centre) Reunion

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