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The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)
Nancy Drew CD-ROM game The Haunted Carousel
The Haunted Carousel
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The Haunted Carousel

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  • Explore a seaside amusement park and solve a mystery as Nancy Drew
  • In-game laptop helps track progress and get clues
  • New cell phone feature--answer and make calls anywhere in the game.
  • Sleuth on your own, or with family and friends
  • More than 20 hours of game play with 2 levels

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Pugsy girl - 10:35am Aug 9, 2003 PST(#97 of 4956)

  • **********ASH********** as far as i know the release date is the 14th of august call your game store at your local mall they can pull it up and tell you the exact date in your area..

  • spidergirl85 - 12:32pm Aug 9, 2003 PST(#98 of 4956)

    Hey, i am having a terrible time with the stenography!! please some 1 help.. if possible give me the name of the horse.

    Coni - 04:11pm Aug 9, 2003 PST(#99 of 4956)

    kayly- how did u find out about danger on deception island and the day it will come out? can u tell me which website u found it on?

    Star Solver - 08:09am Aug 10, 2003 PST(#100 of 4956)

    Coni- After you beat this game it gives you some info about it, Or you can go to

    Spidergirl85- If you skip every other letter in the word at the bottom You will have it.

    giltowrny Hope i helpped.

    Coni - 09:10am Aug 10, 2003 PST(#101 of 4956)

    can u install this game if u have norton antivirus in your computer?

    Pugsy girl - 05:59pm Aug 11, 2003 PST(#102 of 4956)

    yes you can load the gam with the ati virus

    tinyswiney89 - 03:12pm Aug 12, 2003 PST(#103 of 4956)

    hey, spidergirl55! all you had to do was call Bess and George, they'll learn about stenography 4 you!! hey, it took me a while to figure that out, too.

    Bubbles Underthesea - 04:16pm Aug 12, 2003 PST(#104 of 4956)

    HI, um I have the game (I ordered it online) but I seem to get at this point in the game were I cant get out of Elliots room place thingy, its just after he hands me the (Im terrible with names) thing that looks like a glue gun. After he hands it to me I cant seem to get out of his room (or whatever u call it). Someone please help me out! Has this happened to nyone else, maybe I need to start over or somthing, plese E me with help at

    ShadowGirl13 - 08:26pm Aug 12, 2003 PST(#105 of 4956)

    How did you all get this game. I've looked everywhere and it's not there! Some guy told me it dosen't come out until september.

    Pugsy girl - 04:06am Aug 13, 2003 PST(#106 of 4956)

    try to reload your game it didn't happen to me but maybe its a glitch.or maybe you need a patch.try going to hope it helps!!!

    horsecrazy247 - 11:42am Aug 13, 2003 PST(#107 of 4956)
    A canter is the cure for every evil

    Shadowgirl- The game has been out for about a month. If you go to or, you can order it.

    nancy drew chick - 06:44pm Aug 13, 2003 PST(#108 of 4956)

    Help! I got the game and am at the point where I have to go to the band organ and the harmoica riddle thingy. I found the band organ inside the carousel but now it's locked what is the combo?????? PLEASE HELP A.S.A.P. Thanks

  • ~nancydrewchick~*

  • Nancy_Drew_Chick_03 - 07:20pm Aug 13, 2003 PST(#109 of 4956)

    I am so happy that it coming out! Where would it be Walmart CompUSA?!?! Where please help me!

    nancy drew chick - 09:00am Aug 15, 2003 PST(#110 of 4956)

    I solved the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun but to short I think. I loved the ending when you find out about danger on deception Island. NDC3- i THINK it came out yesterday in stores but you should go and ask I'm sure they would tell you a exact date.

    If anyone needs help just ask.:)

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     [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Nancy Drew Computer Games  / The Haunted Carousel Nancy Drew Computer Game (#8)